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How Exercise Benefits My Heart Health?

Who doesn’t know that exercise is very good for our health? But how many of us are able to spare some time from our busy schedules and exercise regularly. To motivate you, let us tell one more significant advantage of exercise- it improves our heart health and helps us in preventing heart diseases. In fact, regular physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your heart health.

Is There a Relation Between our Food and Mood?

These days when materialism is encroaching upon our society, psychological problems have become a major cause of health concern. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), with around 56 million people suffering from depression and 38 million from anxiety disorders, India is facing a serious mental health crisis. Mental disease is believed to be the main reason why one student commits suicide every hour in India. Depression is a state of mind that alters a person’s way of thinking, feelings and behaviour due to various chemical changes happening inside the brain. This causes distress and difficulty in the daily functioning of an individual. Pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy are the two major forms of treatments provided; however, these methods help in averting only 50% of the mental illness cases. Therefore, additional therapies and strategies are required to prevent and effectively treat mental issues. Nutritional Psychiatry Although the factors affecting mental health are complex, recent studies suggest that diet also plays an important role in psychological issues. Diet regulation is as important to psychiatry as it is to cardiology, endocrinology or gastroenterology. Due to this reason, Nutritional psychiatry is emerging as a new field. A review performed by academic members of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research states that nutritional medicine should be a mainstream element of psychiatric practice. A diet consisting of a higher percentage of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, seafood, nuts, and legumes, with avoidance of processed foods, supplies your body with more nutrients that can provide enhanced resistance against the progress of mental health issues. Diet, Depression and Anxiety Recent studies have examined and established a link...

Are you always worrying? It can be Anxiety disorder!

Anxiety is nothing but worrying, thinking too much or getting scared. It is our body’s natural response to some stressful situation. It’s a feeling of apprehension about what is about to come. All of us experience some anxiety in situations like going for an interview, first day of school/college, some loved one falling sick, getting hurt etc. Anxiety or stress during above situations is quiet normal and short-term. However, if your feelings of anxiety are lasting for as long as 6 months and are interfering with your daily life you may be suffering from anxiety disorder.

Hydrotherapy – an Effective and Natural Therapy for Pain Relief

Scientific research has shown that hydrotherapy can improve general fitness and strength in people with various types of arthritis. The exercises are usually customized to your individual needs, so you can start to gradually build up your flexibility and strength.

The extra support that you get from water may make you feel that you can do more exercises than usual. But you have to be careful and follow physiotherapist’s instructions properly. You may also feel tired after the therapy because of exercise, but it is quite normal. In general, hydrotherapy is considered as one of the safest treatments for arthritis and back pain.

Gait Analysis: What experts have to say?

Gait analysis is the methodical study of human locomotion, using the eye and the brain of observers, amplified by instrumentation for measuring body movements, body mechanics, and the activity of muscles. Gait analysis is used to evaluate and help individuals with issues affecting their ability to walk or run. It is commonly used in sports field to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify posture or movement-related problems in people with injuries.

Are You Suffering from Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is different from normal pain. In case of chronic pain, the body continues to send signals to the brain even after an injury heals. It can last for many weeks or months. Chronic pain can affect your movement, flexibility and strength and disturb your daily tasks and activities.

The pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more is called chronic pain. The pain can be sharp, dull, burning or throbbing. It may be steady or intermittent, come and go without any reason. It can happen in any part of the body.

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