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Hepatitis: All You Need to Know

Inflammation of the liver is called Hepatitis. Usually, it is caused due to viral infection, but there can be other possible causes too like autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis due to drugs, medications, alcohol and toxins.

Based on the type of viruses, there are 5 different types of viral hepatitis

My Teen looks Depressed, What Should I Do?

Teen depression is a serious psychological problem that causes a persistent feeling of unhappiness and loss of interest in daily activities. It affects how your teenager feels, thinks and behaves. It can cause functional, emotional and physical issues. Although anybody can suffer from depression, symptoms are usually different between teens and adults.

STOP for Asthma

The World Asthma day is celebrated on 7th of May every year, and this year the theme is “STOP for Asthma”. Where STOP means:
S – Symptom Evaluation
T – Test Response
O – Observe and Assess
P – Proceed to Adjust Treatment

Dengue fever: How serious is it?

There are 4 kinds of dengue viruses which can cause the infection. These viruses are spread by Aedes mosquitoes which thrive in and near human housings. When a mosquito bites a person who is suffering from dengue infection, the virus enters the mosquito. When this infected mosquito bites another person, the virus gets transferred to that person and leads to infection. Dengue does not spread directly from one person to another.

What should a new mother eat after childbirth?

Many women think that a good nutritional diet is only important during pregnancy and not after childbirth. However, a good balanced and nutrient-rich diet is equally important for a new mother to help her recover from the delivery and gain enough strength to be able to take care of the little one. After all, only a healthy mother can take the best care of herself and the newborn child.

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