Bone Density Test

Bone Density Test

What a bone density test can do ?
Ultrasound Bone Densitometer

Ultrasound Bone Densitometer

A bone density test tells you if you have normal bone density, low bone density (osteopenia) or osteoporosis. It is the test that can diagnose osteoporosis. The lower your bone density, the higher your risk of breaking a bone. A bone density test can help you:

  1. Learn if you have weak bones or osteoporosis before you break a bone
  2. Predict your chance of breaking a bone in the future
  3. See if your bone density is improving, getting worse or staying the same
  4. Find out how well an osteoporosis medicine is working
  5. Let you know if you have osteoporosis after you break a bone
Advantage of & Ultrasound Bone Density test
  • Uses radiation-free ultrasound technology, safety for the human body is ensured
  • Safe for Pregnant women and children
  • Precise measurement and High correlativity to other X-ray method
  • Highly suitable for Preventive Health Check programs for earlier detection and prevention of osteoporosis

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