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Symptoms, Complications and Prevention of Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is contracted by consuming water or food contaminated by bacteria S.Typhi. People with acute illness can contaminate the surrounding water supply through feces, which contains a high concentration of the bacteria. Contamination of the water supply can, in turn, contaminate the food supply. Less frequently typhoid also spreads through the urine of infected person.

How much physical activity do u need?

Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases. Regular physical activity can not only improve your quality of life but can fetch health benefits which are immense especially on a long term.
“But, how much physical activity/ exercise is essential for a healthy living?”
Isn’t this a question that all of us have thought-off at some point of time?

Is Microwaved Food Bad for Health

Microwaves and the radiation from microwave ovens are non-ionizing. A microwave uses radio waves at a specifically set frequency to agitate water molecules in food. When these water molecules get increasingly agitated, they begin to vibrate at the atomic level and generate heat. This heat is what cooks food in the oven. Hence heating food in microwave cannot chemically change cells or its molecular structure.

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