5:00 am- you should be up and jogging by now. 7:00 am- you should be racing the traffic to office. That debilitating injury should not stop you from doing things you usually do and love doing- we can help in your rehabilitation

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Enjoying life should not end after learning you have heart disease, we offer state of the art facilities for accurate diagnostics and innovative solutions to your lifestyle to help you cope up with this.

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Our pharmacy is open from 7.00am to 9.00pm. Home delivery service options are also available. For your convenience you can email for home deliveries or querie

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Her hand nurtured you as you grow. She was always there when you needed someone. Now that she’s old, she deserves the best care in the world, we understand the demands of your career. Let us help you take care of her.

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About Us

RxDx was set up with a vision to provide pre hospital care to communities. A neighbourhood clinic concept. The Family Doctor (GP, general physician) is at the core of RxDx and it is a physician led and driven primary care + model. The GP’s are supported by diagnostics, physiotherapy, pharmacy and specialists as needed so it is a one stop health care solution for outpatients. This model sits in between single doctor practices and hospitals.

In addition, RxDx aims to provide value added health care services such as health checkups, women’s care, geriatrics, a child friendly kids clinic, a foot and sports clinic and home health care services which are areas where focus and multi-disciplinary medical professionals are needed. These areas are not typical focus areas of hospitals as they are not surgical or intervention based. More…

Clinic Timings

7:00am to 9:00pm

7:30am to 3:00pm