Internal Medicine

What is Internal Medicine?
Internal medicine is a field of medicine where the Physician provides prevention, diagnosis, and management of medical conditions pertaining to all the systems of the body.
Who are Internists and General Medicine Doctors?

There is a 3-year training of these doctors after medical school in out/inpatient and ICU setting where these doctors learn management of conditions pertaining to all different organ systems of the body. These doctors are Internists. In India, they are also called MD General Medicine Doctors.

After their training, they can choose to be purely outpatient doctors or Hospitalists who work only in inpatient settings.

Due to their intensive training, an Internist’s is almost a subspecialist. They can manage complicated patients with multi-organ disease for, e.g., a diabetic hypertensive, high cholesterol patient also with fatty liver, gastritis, hypothyroid and kidney issues. They tend to refer to subspecialist only in appropriate cases and later manage all other co morbidities along with the referral subspecialist recommendations. They are specially trained in diagnosing complex medical problems and managing chronic illnesses. They are also advocates of health maintenance and prevention of diseases.

How are we Different?

At RxDx we believe that most medical illnesses can be handled without hospital admission. And only if ICU care or surgery is needed, do we refer to a hospital for admission. We provide you a comprehensive primary care service in an outpatient setting suffering from a broad range of ailments. We are well equipped to manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, treat an acute illness like respiratory infections and joint pain. Our healthcare team is composed of Board Certified physicians of internal medicine, geriatrics and pediatrics, medical assistants, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and skilled support staff.

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