Speech & Hearing Therapy

RxDx speech and hearing therapy department offers a wide range of speech and hearing therapy services to people in all ages. Our department is employed with skilled and experienced experts for audiometry and speech pathology.

We are happy to have a positive reputation for delivering excellent services with our clients. Usually, our patients are referred by physicians, educators or healthcare professionals concerned about speech and hearing disorders.

RxDx speech and hearing therapy services include hearing aid assessment, diagnostic hearing tests, voice treatment, aural rehabilitation, fluency, voice assessment, and articulation and language disorders. We are also offering our services for autism disorders and literacy learning disorders; cognitive and communication therapy for patients having neurological disorders resultant from traumatic brain injury or stroke.

RxDx evaluates clients ranging from toddlers to adults. They will receive comprehensive evaluation that includes assessment of their speech production along with their written and oral skills. Our clients will receive a written report including the detailed recommendations of therapy.

Our therapy sessions include clients’ observation with our qualified and skilled staff at the duration of their therapeutic and diagnostic sessions for speech pathology and auditory therapy.

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