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Student Internship Programme

Agenda for the Internship Programme Internship Programme Outline:        FEEDBACK FROM INTERNS

  1. Above 10th Grade students
Dental 1 day
Pharmacy 1 day
Lab 2 days
Radiology 2 days
Nursing 1 day
Doctors 8 days (Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Medicine, ENT, Psychologist)


  • Overview and subject knowledge of all departments.
  • Can witness procedures at doctor’s discretion.
  • May help in Volunteering, patient coordination.

Assignment: To prepare PPT on their Internship and present to all their mentors of the programme.

  1. College Students
Lab 3 days
Radiology 3days
Doctors 9 days, they can choose if they want to work with a particular doctor or work with different doctors.

We will customize it to each student’s field of interest. Goals:

  • Need to get in depth information of each department, knowledge, application, responsibility, and ethics.

Assignment: Write an essay on what they think an ideal multi-specialty clinic should work.



Please Report at 9.30 am to HR. Program briefing or ORIENTATION by Dr.Chhavi followed by the day’s schedule


You will be required to stay in your assigned Department as per your schedule. Please do not sit or walk around the lobby until assigned to, we will not be able to monitor your safety without knowing where you are. At the end of the each day’s training program, in case of delayed pick up, you are requested to wait in the second floor lobby When Intern are shadowing doctors prior permission from patients to be obtained. Interns must introduce themselves to any Guest (patient or family), ask them if they need help and try to help them accordingly.


Intern should stay away from the electrical points and outlets. Intern should stay away from patients with high fever or any other contagious disease. No equipment’s to be touched or handled by the Intern like the needle, thermometer etc. Interns are strictly prohibited from entering the X-ray, CT, and ultrasound rooms until advised. Do not touch any blood samples or test tubes containing blood for tests, used cotton or trash containing any such items. Do not assist the inpatients in using the restrooms If required, Intern will be provided with disposal masks


Intern not to dispense any needle containing medication like vaccination all controlled substance /drugs/sedatives and hypnotics to be locked

  • LAB:

Intern to be protected from needle wastes/trash with blood and body fluids Intern not to be allowed to manipulate with the equipment’s


If you are not keeping well please inform Chitrala Sai Aditya. At any time let us know if you do not want to see a particular patient or don’t feel like being in a procedure, we will respect that.

Do your internship under different departments of RxDx


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