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How does Laser Hair Treatment work?

A concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair follicle. Pigments in the follicles absorb the light that destroys the hair.

Is it is safe?laser treatment

Laser hair removal safety depends on the type of laser system being used. There are laser hair removal systems that are FDA approved, so be sure that you’re going to a certified dermatologist using one of the FDA-accredited laser systems.

Can laser hair removal be done in a single long session?

Hair grows in different cycles at different timings. It is impossible to get rid of all hair growth in one session. Laser hair removal treatment will target hairs that are grown on your body and other follicles about to sprout new hair. The number of sessions required for completion of the procedure differs from individual to individual.

How long should one wait between the sessions?

Treatment sessions are 4-5 weeks apart however it again depends on factors such as the color of the hair, area to be treated, hair coarseness and overall hair growth density.  The treatment sessions are 6-7 weeks apart for treating arms because growth cycles are slower, however, for the other body areas, treatment sessions generally are 8-10 weeks apart.

Can it cause more hair growth?laser-extra-hair

Every individual has their own hair growth patterns. Some will lose body hair over time, and some will grow more hair in new places as they age. After the Laser Hair Removal, new hair follicles may form, but the amount of hair will be less compared to pre-treatment condition.

Can it cause skin cancer?

Absolutely not, Laser hair removal has been approved by US FDA only after years of research and when found safe on humans. Laser light doesn’t penetrate few millimeters beyond the skin, so it’s safe for internal organs.

Is it a painful procedure?

Some patients feel discomfort with laser hair removal treatments as pinprick sensations, but not unendurable pain. However, laser hair removal is far less painful than waxing.

Can it cause damage to the Skin?

The procedure affects only the hair follicle and does not involve the skin. The skin may be swollen or red post the session but these side effects won’t persist. Laser hair removal does not cause scar as the lasers don’t cause wounds.

Does it work?

Yes, Laser Hair Removal works. It is only FDA approved treatment for permanent hair reduction. It means that Laser Hair Removal permanently reduces the growth of hair for a long period of time.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?laser-treatment

Before undergoing laser hair removal, you should limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks before treatment. Also, avoid sun exposure for a minimum of six weeks before and after the treatment as it makes laser hair removal less effective and may increase complications.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

It depends on the size of the area being treated, the time required for treatment and number of sessions.

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