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Face Mask - Keep your mask on when in public

How does the face mask help?

  • Prevent exposure to some extent if used correctly
  • Reduces chance of virus entering our respiratory system through droplets present in the air

Who should wear a mask?

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Care givers at home
  • People living in high exposure areas
  • Those getting out for essential purchases
  • Essential service workers who have to be outside for hours
  • Delivery personnel

Who can wear a homemade mask?

  • Especially recommended for those living in close quarters in crowded areas
  • If you are not a primary care giver for COVID positive patient or HCP
  • Every time you step out, use home made one to ensure some protection

Homemade face mask benefits

  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • No cost
  • Easily available
  • No need to leave home to get one

What’s the correct way to wear a face mask?

Make sure your mask

  • Covers your chin
  • Sits on the bridge of your nose
  • Leaves no gap in the sides
  • Fits your face snugly

Cleaning and disposal of reusable masks

  • Keep hands clean and sanitized
  • Keep masks clean by washing frequently with soap and water, drying well
  • Throw away if not in use to prevent risk of others

Make your own mask if you can’t buy one. But protect yourself to protect your society. Call or write to us sharing your experience of getting through the Corona times and any innovative measures you have personally taken for your family or your neighbourhood.

Stay home, Keep Cover, Teleconsult if you need a doctor.