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Doorstep COVID-19 Vaccination Camp

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RxDx COVID Vaccination Camp

Apartment Complexes

Residential Societies

Corporate Workplaces

Manufacturing Facilities

Enquiry for COVID Vaccination Camp in Corporates / Societies

Note: This is a request for camp enquiry, not a confirmation of service. The process to organise camps can only be initiated after confirmation of stock availability from the manufacturers. Thank you for your cooperation.

In April 2021, healthcare organisations got the nod to set up onsite camps for residential complexes, corporate workplaces and manufacturing facilities. A considerably bigger group could receive their shots in their convenient settings.


RxDx conducted a number of COVID Vaccination camps in phase 2 of vaccination.


We will re-start corporate and apartment Vaccination Camps as soon as stock becomes available. Please fill the online form “Enquiry for COVID Vaccination Camp in Corporates / Societies” on this page to receive proposal and alert and regarding Vaccination Camps.


1. Responsibilities of RxDx as CVC

  • Provide Vaccines
  • Vaccinator/Nurse
  • Verifier
  • Cold Chain
  • AEFI Kit
  • Support Services
  • Doctor on Call
  • ALS Ambulance on standby

2. Responsibilities of the Host

  1. Mobilise eligible population group
  2. Provide three rooms, one each for:
    • Conducting Vaccination
    • Observation Area
    • Waiting Area
  3. Wifi facility and electricity facility
  4. Tables, chairs for medical team and beneficiaries
  5. Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  6. Spot for our Poster/Standee/Banner

3. COVID Vaccination Cost (ALL INCLUSIVE) in Camp Mode


S. No
Vaccine Name#
Cost* in Clinics ()
Dedicated Counters for 2 hours in Clinics for min. 30 beneficiaries
1 COVISHIELD 780 150
2 COVAXIN 1410 150
3 SPUTNIK V 1145 150

* Prices are subject to change. #Vaccination is subject to stock availability

4. Other Information

  • Vaccination is subject to availability of stock
  • The quoted price is subject to change
  • Minimum guarantee of 100 beneficiaries in 4 hours session
  • Vials will only be opened when minimum 10 beneficiaries are present to receive the vaccine
  • Payment is accepted 100% in advance

RxDx is the COVID Vaccination Centre of your choice

Our team has already conducted vaccination camps in Bengaluru societies and corporate workplaces in April 2021. Our dedicated COVID Team has delivered:

  • Administered 20,000 plus vaccine doses
  • Conducted over 200,000 COVID tests
  • Over 150,000 teleconsultations
  • 25,000 home visit (Bengaluru) services
  • 2000 COVID patients in home isolation across India

We have ample experience in conducting COVID test camps and other onsite services.

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