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Department : Neuropsychology

Dr Kumarpillai Gopukumar

PhD (Applied Psychology), MPhil (Psychology – Behaviour Modification), MA (Psychology), PGDPM & IR

Consultant Neuropsychologist

RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswaram


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Dr Gopukumar K is a Consultant Neuropsychologist in Bengaluru with over 18 years of experience in his field.

With extensive research experience and multiple papers in his portfolio, Dr Gopukumar takes express interest in Behavioural Analysis, Relaxation Training, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Behavioural Counselling, Family Psycho Education And Family Therapy, Psycho-Education And Planning Intervention Programs, Vocational Assessment, Guidance And Counselling, Meditative And Breathing Techniques, Team Building Workshops, Strategic Human Resource Management, Neuropsychology, Psycho-Oncology, Quality Of Work Life Balance, Stress Management, Sport Psychology.

Travel Bursary, Fellowship, The Fourth Annual UAE Epilepsy Congress 2015, the Emirati League Against Epilepsy (ELAE) 22nd-23rd of May, 2015

Travel bursaries for paper presentation – Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress Xiamen, China, 2008

Travel bursaries for paper presentation–NIH-#RO1 NS 41205 XVI “International AIDS Conference”, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Travel bursaries for paper presentation – NIH Funds, International Symposium “HIV Infection and the Central Nervous System: Developed and Resource Limited Settings,” Rome, Italy, 2005

Travel bursaries for paper presentation “Perception of HRD, Organizational Climate and Probabilistic Orientation” Young Scientist Award Section of “Psychology & Educational Sciences”, 86th Session of the Indian Science Congress, Anna University, Chennai, 1999

University Research Fellowship (URF) for Doctoral work, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India, 1996-1998

PhD (Psychology), Department of Psychology, Bharthiar University, Coimbatore, 1998

MPhil (Psychology – Behaviour Modification) Department of Psychology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 1993

MA (Psychology), Department of Psychology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 1991

PGDPM & IR (Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations), Coimbatore

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  • Bangalore Stroke Support Group (Executive Member)

  • International AIDS Society

  • Indian Academy of Neurology

  • Indian Academy of Neurosciences

  • Indian Association of Applied Psychology

  • Indian Epilepsy Association

  • International Child Neurology

  • Sport Psychology Association of India

  • Coimbatore Psychology Association, India

  • Over 17 years of experience
  • Consultant Neuropsychologist, RxDx Healthcare, at present
  • Neuropsychologist (April 2012 to till date), Bangalore Neuro Centre, Bangalore
  • Specialist Advisor: Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, University of Calgary, Canada, 2008 – 2012
  • Psychologist, Neurology Department, Narayana Institute of Neurosciences, Bangalore, 2007 – 2008
  • Registrar, Centre of Psycho-oncology for Education and Research (COPER), Bangalore, 2007
  • Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Neuropsychology Unit, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, 2003 – 2006
  • Research Scientist, International Human Resource Development Centre (IHRDC), Coimbatore, 2002
  • Research Associate, Bharathiar University, Department of Psychology, Coimbatore, 1998 – 2002
  • Consultant, Bangalore Stroke Support Group (BSSG)
  • Consultant, Tripura Foundation, Chennai
  • Consultant, CIM Tools, Bangalore
  • Consultant, National Institute of Indian Reflexology and Holistic Healing Sciences (NIIRAHHS), Coimbatore

Behavioural Analysis

Relaxation training

Cognitive behaviour therapy

Behavioural Counselling

Family psycho education and family therapy

Psycho-education and Planning intervention programs

Vocational assessment, guidance and counselling

Meditative and breathing techniques

Team building workshops

Strategic Human Resource Management



Quality of Work Life

Stress Management


Test construction

Human Resources Management

Sport Psychology

  • English


More than 90 professional scientific presentations locally, nationally and internationally

Conducts trainings on clinical skills, therapy skills

Conducted several awareness camps, vocational guidance programmes, enhancement of creativity and memory, disaster management programmes, career guidance and counselling programmes, and cognitive assessment programmes for organizations.

Invited to lectures on neuropsychology by Arts and Science Colleges and Institutions

Organized and conducted over 20 short duration behavioural science and management training programme and workshops

Awards and Nominations

First Rank Holder in the MA (Psychology) degree examination, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, April 1991

Smt Rajani’s Best Psychologist Award received from Dr Nandan’s Cold Laser Therapy, Bangalore, January 2018

Awarded by Hemophilia Society, Coimbatore Chapter for serving as an Honorary Consultant Psychologist, 1994-1996

Publications & Talks

  • Shobini L Rao, D.K.Subbakrishna & K Gopukumar. NIMHANS Neuropsychological Battery –2004 (Manual), NIMHANS Publication 2004, No. 60. NIMHANS, Bangalore
  • Gopukumar Kumarpillai, Padma Sri Lekha P, Janani VS, Umashankar R, Nandavar Shobha, Girish Gadre (2019). “Neuro-cognitive functioning and Depression among Epileptic children” Letter number: IJIP/2019/IN/07/330 | July – September, 2019
  • Garima Pareek, Gopukumar Kumarpillai (2019). Socio-Emotional Cognitive Impairment-A Case Study. The International Journal of Indian Psychology ISSN 2348-5396 (e) | ISSN: 2349-3429 (p) Volume 7, Issue 3, DIP: 18.01.020/20190703 DOI: 10.25215/0703.020. | July – September, 2019
  • Aakshta J Rao, Vinay J Sukhija, Gopukumar Kumarpillai, V Kavya Reddy, Shweta Sunil, R Umashankar, Nandavar Shobha, Girish Gadre (2019). A Comparative Study of Varying Depression Levels amongst People with Different Demographics and Diagnoses. The International Journal of Indian Psychology. ISSN 2348-5396 (e) | ISSN: 2349-3429 (p) Volume 7, Issue 3, DIP: 18.01.026/20190703. DOI: 10.25215/0703.026. | July – September, 2019
  • Hitankshi Trivedi, Gopukumar Kumarpillai (2018). Development and Use of Alphabet Vigilance Test – Based on Indian Norms. The International Journal of Indian Psychology, ISSN 2348-5396 (e) | ISSN: 2349-3429 (p), Volume 6, Issue 4, October-December, 2018
  • Krishnaa, Ashwini, Gopukumar Kumarpillai, R.Umashankar, Nandavar Shobha, Girish Gadre (2018). Neuropsychological Dysfunction As Associated With Cognitive Factors among Clinical Population of Older Adults. The International Journal of Indian Psychology, ISSN 2348-5396 (e) | ISSN: 2349-3429 (p) Volume 6, Issue 3, July-September, 2018. Page 4
  • Gopukumar Kumarpillai and Samhita K Cognitive Performance in Children with Refractory Mesial Temporal Sclerosis (MTS) – an Indian Experience. The International Journal of Indian Psychology ISSN 2348-5396 (e) | ISSN: 2349-3429 (p) Volume 5, Issue 1, October-December, 2017
  • Peca S, McCreary CR, Donaldson E, Kumarpillai Gopukumar, Shobha N, Sanchez K, Charlton A, Steinback CD, Beaudin AE, Flück D, Pillay N, Fick
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  • Shobha N, Bal S, Boyko M, Kroshus E, Menon BK, Bhatia R, Sohn SI, Kumarpillai Gopukumar, Kosior J, Hill MD, Demchuk AM. Measurement of Length of Hyperdense MCA Sign in Acute Ischemic Stroke Predicts Disappearance after IV tPA. J Neuroimaging. 2014 Jan;24(1):7-10
  • Shobha N, Bhatia R, Boyko M, Tymchuk S, Kumarpillai Gopukumar, Smith E, Demchuk AM. Outcomes in acute ischemic strokes presenting with disabling neurologic deficits without intracranial vascular occlusion. Int J Stroke. 2011 Oct;6(5):392-7
  • Cheryl R McCreary, PhD, Karla G Sanchez, Gopukumar Kumarpillai, PhD, Andres Venagas-Torres, MD, Richard Frayne, PhD, and Eric E Smith, MD. Severity of White Matter Hyperintensities Evaluated using Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  • Daniela Flück1, Andrew E. Beaudin, Craig D. Steinback, Gopukumar Kumarpillai, Nandavar Shobha, Cheryl R. McCreary, Stefano Peca, Eric E. Smith and Marc J. Poulin. Effects of aging on the association between cerebrovascular responses to visual stimulation, hypercapnia and arterial stiffness. Frontiers in Physiology. published: February 2014 doi: 0.3389/ fphys.2014.00049
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  • Gopukumar Kumarpillai, Shobini L Rao, Prabha S Chandra, P Satishchandra and Mahendra Kumar. Effect of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) on HIV-1 & 2 (Subtype C) infection and its relationships to cognitive function and quality of life. Retrovirology. 2010; 7(Suppl 1): P13. Published online 2010 May 11. doi: 10.1186/1742-4690-7-S1-P13
  • Gopukumar,K., Rao,S.L., Satishchandra,P, Dasgupta, J., Wilkie,J.L, Waldrop Valverde,D., Subbakrishna, D K, Ravi,V. Rao,B.S., Satish,K.S., Kumar,M.. “Cognitive changes in asymptomatic drug-na ve human immunodeficiency virus type 1 clade C infection”. Journal of Neurovirology. 14, 480 – 485, Issue 6 November 2008
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  • K Gopukumar. “Meditation – A Harbinger of Subjective Wellbeing”.Journal of Personality and Clinical Studies, 93-103, Vol. 19, No.1. March 2003
  • K Gopukumar & S. Narayanan. “Perception of HRD, Organizational Climate and Probabilistic Orientation”, Selected and published in Young Scientist Award Section of “Psychology & Educational Sciences”, 86th Session of the Indian Science Congress, Anna University, Chennai, Jan, 2-7, 1999
  • K Gopukumar. “Impact of Psycho-Physiological Health Symptoms Among Gymnasts”. Sport Psychology in pursuit of sport excellence. Proceeding of the XII National Conference of Sport Psychology, Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Trivandrum. 180-182, Dec 1998
  • K Gopukumar. “An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Concentrative and Mindfulness Meditation General Health among Nursing Personnel”. In Quest of Bharathiya Shikshan, Sep, 1995, Vol.VII, No.9. 160-167
  • S Narayanan, K Sajjan Rao & K Gopukumar. Value Orientation among Indian and Singapore Business students, Indian Journal of Psychology, 1994, 69, (3 & 4), 105-116

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