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Department : Sports Medicine

Dr Renu Dadiala

MBBS, DNB in Anaesthesia, PGDPPHC, PG in Sports Medicine (UK)

Consultant – Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine. Head of the Sports Medicine

RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswarm

Dr Renu Dadiala is a Consultant Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine, Head of the Sports Medicine at RxDx SAMANVAY at Malleswaram, Bengaluru. She is a highly qualified doctor with 20 years of experience, having obtained degrees like B.SC, MBBS, DNB Anaesthesia , Diploma in Preventive & Promotive Healthcare and Postgraduate in Sports and Exercise Medicine (UK), High Altitude Medicine, Indian Army, Leh. She is well versed with Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography which she uses in her clinical practice routinely. She has been working with the Indian army athletes who represent India in international events from the past 5-6 years. With immense experience treating patients in the country as well as abroad, she specializes in Biomechanics, Sports Injuries, Customised Orthotics, Rehabilitation and Sports Performance. She is the first person to pioneer the concept of Preconceptual, Antenatal, Postnatal Care and Lamaze in Bangalore in the year 2001. She treats her patients with utmost care and helps them recover as quickly as possible. To add to her knowledge about the latest advancements in the field of medicine, Dr. Renu attends various conferences and workshops held across the country.


Qualifications B.Sc, Punjab University Chandigarh, 1985
MBBS, M.S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, 1992
Diploma in Preventive and Promotive healthcare (PPHC), Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, 2003
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine, University of Bath, UK
High Altitude Mountain Medicine, IMF, Indian Army, Leh

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  • Life member of Bangalore Orthopedic society

  • Member of British Journal of Sports Medicine

  • 20 years as specialist

• Sports & Exercise Medicine
• Sports rehabilitation
• Biomechanics in sports
• Musculo skeletal ultrasonography
• Gait analysis
• Customized orthotics
• Real time ultrasound guided lumbar stabilization
• Trained anesthesiologist
• Consultant Lifestyle Physician
• Trainer and LAMAZE Instructor

  • English
  • Hindi


First person to pioneer the concept of Pre-conceptual, Antenatal, Postnatal Care and Lamaze in Bangalore – 2001

Worked with NGO AAROHI improving birth practices in remote villages

Publications & Talks

• Conference of the International Trauma Anaesthesia and Critical Care Society, ITAACS, Bangalore
• Conducted Lifestyle Screening at various corporate ‘FIT FOR LIFE’ camps, as a Lifestyle and Sports Physician, Columbia Asia hospital


Mechanical Back Pain


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Common Football Injuries You Can Help Prevent


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I am a professional tennis player. Eight months ago I had a nagging pain in my left wrist. I went to RxDx Samanvay Malleshwaram which is closest to my residence, where sports medicine doctor was available. At the hospital I was directed to Dr Renu Dadiala. She gently examined the wrist and suspected a ligament tear. For confirmation, she advised to get MRI done. MRI did confirm her diagnosis and also showed the damage was not enormous. Dr. Renu put the splint and advised rest for the hand movements. After a thorough check up she suspected biomechanical abnormalities and my gait was checked in her foot lab and it showed that my arches were collapsing for which I needed insoles. She patiently explained how being stable and aligned feet upward is important to stay injury free and perform well in any sport. She advised the complete athlete profiling program and subsequently I was put through sports rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. While my wrist was getting better I started my strength training with Mr Nithin Haridas. Over the months that I’ve been training with him, I have seen a lot of improvement in my game. I move better and more swiftly on the court. I find Dr Renu’s approach to injury management extremely practical and thorough. Now having completely recovered from my wrist injury, I’ve resumed my tennis training. I have also been doing Ultrasound guided sessions with Dr. Renu and assisted by sister Asha which is helping me to build up my core muscles. Dr. Renu introduced me to Arjun Goutham Sir who is a very good mental coach and I have benefited a lot with his guidance. Dr. Renu is ably assisted by a very competent team of Sports physiotherapist Nithin Haridas, podiatrist, Ms. Heena and sister Asha. I am glad I came to Dr. Renu who treats and loves me like her own daughter. Her entire staff is very courteous and professionalism runs through their words and actions.
– Aishwarya Kailaje

My daughter aged 11 years is a professional freestyle skater and won National medals. 5 months back she had a bad ankle injury that is when we consulted Dr. Renu Dadiala at RxDx Malleshwaram. Doctor was kind enough to ask right questions to my daughter to understand the problem and diagnose the injury. She suggested for MRI scan because problem had occurred during her international coaching. Fortunately, it was not a extensive injury. As part of the treatment my daughter underwent cryotherapy for a week and followed by rehabilitation. 2 – 3 weeks of time she was back to normal. Doctor was constantly following up with physiotherapist on the progress. I have not met any doctor who persistently follows the feedback on the rehabilitation with physiotherapist and suggesting the right exercises.
By then we had realized the importance of physical fitness and prevention of injuries related to sports. Dr Renu diligently listened to our requirements for the freestyle skating and she looked at all videos of my daughter’s to understand better. Doctor quickly diagnosed and suspected my daughter has flatfeet by asking her to walk barefoot to evaluate the arches of the feet and it was evidence to my eyes to see signs of poor foot mechanics. For more details Gait analysis and foot analysis was done to get custom insole to solve the problem. Insole helped my daughter in better body balance which is most important in roller skating sports.
At the same time my daughter had flexibility issue due to this she was not able to perform some of the tricks needed for her freestyle performance. A scientific approach of sport science and hydrotherapy helped Siri achieving the flexibility. Appreciate Mr. Gowtham for his attention given during the physiotherapy sessions and progressive approach towards my daughter’s fitness level.
In order to achieve highest technical level in freestyle skating it is important to have strong core muscles. Now my daughter takes ultrasound guided sessions personally done by Dr. Renu. This one provides the real time feedback on retraining the right core muscles to strength. I don’t think there is any better, more scientific way than this to build a strong core and pelvic stability for the 11-year-old girl which is essential to her given sport.
RxDx Samanway Malleswaram is the best and unique place for all sports needs under one roof. Dr Renu and her team’s empathetic approach not just offer precision but her understanding of the sport reassures that my child is getting the best treatment and guidance. It is worth to mention that her entire team makes our every visit comfortable with their services. Because of this my daughter loves to visit and enjoys her every visit.

-Vinay Bandakka