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Department : Pediatric Cardiology

Dr Sejal Shah

MBBS, D Ped, MD (Ped), Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology

Senior Consultant Pediatric and Fetal Cardiologist

RxDx Whitefield (on appointments)

RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswaram (on appointments)


Online consultation

Dr Sejal Shah has over 19 years of experince; Special interest and vast experience in Fetal cardiology and non-invasive Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac CT / MRI; Instrumental in running HANDS ON HEART “Pediatric Telecardiology“ project with colleagues from RxDx and a few other hospitals dedicated to pediatric cardiac care; Actively involved in teaching fellowship programs, e – classes; Organized CMEs in Fetal echocardiography and Module based training programs for pediatricians; Over 30 publications in journals and textbooks, Editor of the Textbook on Fetal Echocardiography published in 2017. Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology from Chennai, India; Observership and Training in Fetal Echocardiography and Cardiac MRI, Montreal, Canada; Diploma in Child Health. Life member, Pediatric Cardiac Society of India.


Qualifications MBBS, Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College (NHLMMC), Gujarat University, India
MD (Pediatrics), Sheth K.M. School of Post Graduate Medicine and Research, Gujarat University, India
Diploma in Child Health (DCH) Sheth K.M. School of Post Graduate Medicine and Research, Gujarat University, India
Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai, India
Observership and Training in Fetal Echocardiography and Cardiac MRI, Montreal, Canada

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  • Pediatric Cardiac Society of India, Life member (OLM 48)

  • 19 years as specialist
  • As Senior Consultant, Pediatric Cardiology, associated with the “HANDS ON HEART” – at RxDx clinics, Bangalore)
  • Research:
    • National Coordinator for the study ADVANCE, Research Associate in the Department of Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi, India

Noninvasive Pediatric Cardiology

Fetal Cardiology

Fetal Echocardiography

Cardiac CT / MRI

  • English
  • Hindi

Awards & Nominations

Won the young investigator award for the best paper presentation, Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology

Publications & Talks

• Sejal Shah. Editor of the Textbook on Fetal Echocardiography, published in 2017
• Kiran VS, Shrivastava YS, Patil SJ and Shah SS. Pattern of Congenital Heart Defects in 22q11 Microdeletion Syndrome in India – A Tertiary Care Cardiac Hospital Based Study. J.ATAMIS 2016;1:9-14.
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• Venkatraman Bhat, Vinay Belaval, Karthik Gadabanahalli, Vimal Raj, Sejal Shah. Illustrated Imaging Essay on Congenital Heart Diseases: Multimodality Approach Part III: Cyanotic Heart Diseases and Complex Congenital Anomalies. Journal of Clinical and diagnostic research. July 2016, vol 10, Pg TE01-TE10
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• X Ray and ECG changes in Myocarditis and Pericarditis. At the Annual CME of Pediatric Cardiology, Narayana Hrudalaya, July 2005.
• Corrected transposition of great arteries with VSD and pulmonary stenosis. Focused Difficult Clinical Scenario. At the 8th Annual conference of Pediatric Cardiac Society of India, October 2006.
• Embryology of Heart – Basics. At the CME Genetics and Pediatric Cardiology, Narayana Hrudalaya, November 2006.
• Pre and post tricuspid shunts. At the Pediatric Cardiology workshop, Pediatric Critical Care Conference, Narayana Hrudalaya, November 2006
• Cyanotic baby with circulatory collapse: Interactive session. At the 9th Annual Conference of Pediatric Cardiac Society of India held on 23rd October, 2008. Also, chairing the session of case scenario: 8-year-old with syncope, 16 year old with chest pain, adolescent girl with hypertension, 12 year old with family history of sudden cardiac death at young age. At the 9th Annual Conference of Pediatric Cardiac Society of India held on 23rd October, 2007
• TEE in congenital heart disease. At the TEE workshop held at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore for Anaesthetists on 28th March, 2008.
• Segmental approach in complex congenital heart diseases. At the “ECHO symposium” on ‘Tips in Practical Echocardiography’ on 25.5.2008 organised by Cardiological society of India, Bangalore Chapter and Indian Academy of Echocardiography, Karnataka Chapter
• Clues to diagnosis in congenital heart disease. at karneocon on 19th October 2008 held at kolar medical college.
• In imaging symposium: “Advanced 2D echocardiography for CHD” session at the 10th Annual conference of the Pediatric Cardiac Society of India held on 7th Nov, 2008 at Kochi
• Cardiac manifestations of systemic diseases at PEDICON held on 25th January, 2009 at Bangalore
• “Development of heart” at short course on clinical cardiovascular genetics held by center for human genetics on 30th January, 2010, Bangalore
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• “2D echo anatomy of AV septal defect” at the 12th Annual Conference of the Pediatric Cardiac society of India held on 8th Oct, 2010 at Mumbai.
• Does prenatal detection of heart defects make a difference at Fetal Echo: An Overview held on 9th April, 2011 at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore
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• “Management decision in CHD” – at the LIFE 2011 workshop Imaging the fetus – Journey thru the trimesters, translating evidence clinical practice on 29th October, 2011.
• “Causes and Management of persistent postoperative chylothorax” at The Paediatric Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiac Anaesthesia Conference on the 24th September 2011 at the Bayview Beach Resort, Penang, Malaysia.
• “Interesting fetal echocardiogram” at the Fetal Echo CME held on 18th March, 2012 at Mumbai
• “Fetal Echo: Indications, normal views and interpretation” at CME: Fetal medicine at Fortis 2012, on 19th August, 2012
• “Segmental approach in the CHD” at the CSI meet, Karnataka Chapter, Hubli on 17th March, 2013
• “Basics of fetal echo” at the CSI echo workshop held at Mysore on 26th May, 2013.
• “Fetal echo: How to do?” at ECHO India, held at Bangalore on 31st August, 2013.
• Hands on for te 8th National IACA – TEE workshop cum CME at NH, Bangalore on 7th June 2014.
• “Evaluation of cTGA”in a focused theme symposium on correcting the corrected transpositions held by the Children’s Heart Centre at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital on 7th-8th November 2014.
• CME for Pediatricians in the first Eastern India Pediatric Intervention conference at Kolkata on 27th March 2015.
• Annual conference of PCSI at Hyderabad on 16th-17th October 2015.
• Fetal echo CME at Cochin in December 2015
• Hands on for the 9th National IACTA – TEE workshop cum CME at NH, Bangalore on 21st-23rd August 2015.
• “Indications of Fetal echo” at Fetal echo CME held at Cochin 2016
• “Outflow tract anomalies” in the Fetal echo CME at PCSI, Bangalore on October 2nd 2016
• Panel discussion in the Pediatric Cardiology session at South Pedicon held at Shivamogga in October 2016.
• Fetal cardiology – what is new? At JIC 2017 Congenital Heart disease symposium held at Ahmedabad on Jan 8th 2017.
• Functional Echo at National Pedicon held at Bangalore on 18th January 2017.
• Basics of Echo: 2D and Doppler at Kongu pedicon at Coimbatore on 6th August, 2017
• Functional Echo at Kongu pedicon at Coimbatore on 6th August, 2017
• Fetal echo with reference to Parental counseling at the Indian academy of echo meet in Bangalore August 2017
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• Fetal cardiac defects: Pediatric cardiologist’s perspective, at Bangalore fetal medicine center, in FebRruary 2017
• Module II: Hands on Heart, Workshop for Neonatologists conducted as a part of Karneocon held on 1st March, 2018 at Telerad RxDx, Bangalore
• Pulmonary hypertension in Neonates: Role of Pediatric cardiologist at Karneocon on 4th March, 2018
• Timing of intervention for CHD: at September symposium organized by CSI hospital, Bangalore on 2nd September 2018
• Ebstein’s anomaly – Anatomy and imaging: on 14th September 2018 at PCSI, Ahmedabad
• Ductal dependent Pulmonary circulation in fetal echo CME on 15th September 2018 at PCSI, Ahmedabad
• Module III: Workshop for pediatricians on Basic Heart diseases conducted on 6th June 2018 at Telerad RxDx, Bangalore
• Module IV: Workshop for Pediatricians on ECG – Basics and beyond conducted on 6th January 2019 at Telerad RxDx, Bangalore
• Ductal dependend lesions – is it important to diagnose in fetal life? In Parcon 2019 held at Ahmedabad on 3rd February 2019
• Management of congenital heart disease in fetal life in Parcon 2019 held at Ahmedabad on 3rd February 2019
• Care of heart, right from the start on International Women’s Day at Bangalore Medical College on 8th March 2019
• Duct Dependent lesions – Is it important to evaluate? In Fetus Focus held at Kurnool, AP on 13th August 2019
• Fetal outcome after diagnosis of CHD in Fetus focus held at Kurnool, AP on 13th August 2019
• Fetal rhythm Workshop 2019 at PCSI 2019 held in Raipur on 13th October 2019
• Office Practice and Beyond – as preconference workshop for UP Pedicon held on 15th November 2019 at Aligarh Muslim University
• Fetus or Neonate with congenital heart disease – Diagnosis and implications in ANP Pune held on 23rd February 2020, Pune


“Extremely satisfied with the doctor’s professionalism. She was very patient in listening to the problem and suggested some tests to rule out the possible risks. we stepped out of the hospital only after knowing the exact reason for the illness and the doctor clearly explained the next course action and care to be taken to subside the sickness. Appreciate her efforts towards this department of medicine. Thank you, Dr Sejal Shah.”
Very composed, patient and well experienced doctor. She understood the problem well and explained it well too. Her diagnosis was very prompt and gave immediate and simple solutions. Highly recommended doctor 🙂
My LO is 19 months from her birth we were roaming many hospitals for best treatment for PDA. She explains all issues in detail and also told us not need of surgery. She explains the issue very well. Friendly nature. Thank you, Mam for this
She is a very good doctor, explained everything good.
Her attitude was very good and a positive energy is always with her.
She is really experienced doctor. We went for repeated fetal echo and consultation. She explained us very well and cleared all our doubts