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What is new with RxDx? See who just joined our outstanding team of medical specialists and super specialists and get to know them. Learn about our new services and newly acquired facilities to serve you better.

RxDx COVID-19 Home Care Packages

09th May | 2021

RxDx has been one of the proactive remote care and monitoring service providers in Bengaluru since the 1st wave of COVID had hit the country. The multispeciality healthcare chain is currently managing 375 active patients at home and is ramping up capacity to handle 2000 active cases at a time. This is equivalent to the saving the capacity ten 200-bedded hospitals for moderate or severe patients.

RxDx Healthcare has conducted over 200,000 COVID related diagnostic tests, 20,000 covid vaccinations, 150,000 tele consults, 25000 home visits in Bengaluru and helped over 2000 COVID patients across India recover in the comfort of their home.

With that kind of experience and expertise, the senior physicians of RxDx have also initiated training programmes for MBBS doctors.

Read on to know more:
India Today
COVID Care At Home

Heroes of the Healthcare Industry

Upholding Excellence in General Medicine – Dr C M A Belliappa

A Torchbearer in the Practice of Internal Medicine – Dr Chhavi Mehra

Another brilliant feather in our cap

Jan | 2021

Times Health Excellence 2021, a supplement of the Times of India, featured two stalwarts from RxDx Healthcare, Dr C M A Belliappa & Dr Chhavi Mehra.

This is a recognition of their contributions to healthcare through innovation for increased efficiency, affordability and improved performance of healthcare delivery at large.

RxDx Healthcare also received the award for the 2020 Times Health Excellence in Phygital Healthcare Services

RxDx features in the TIMES Health Excellence 2020 List

Category: Excellence in Phygital Healthcare Services

Another brilliant feather in our cap

31st Dec | 2020

RxDx Healthcare, a premier Multispeciality chain in Bengaluru, has been featured in the TIMES Health Excellence 2020 list in the category of Phygital Healthcare services.

The pandemic has shown us the value of blending digital technology and remote medical services to our physical presence through the clinics. RxDx has been able to serve the patients better by foreseeing and adapting to the only constant in the world – change.


News Coverage on RxDx Healthcare’s win in the category of TOI Phygital Health Excellence 2020

RxDx Healthcare won the Times Health excellence in Phygital Healthcare Services for 2020.
We rapidly adapted to the digital world all the while keeping our brick-and-mortar clinics open to our patients. Our COVID Testing and Home Care packages helped thousands. We ran camps, visited homes, provided remote consultations, and served many in our centres through the worst of the pandemic.

This demonstration of being able to evolve to meet community needs both online and physically earned us this award for excellence in phygital healthcare services 2020 by TOI.

Dr Sunita Maheshwari in a candid conversation with Dais World Editors

23rd Oct | 2020

In this Doctors Special Festive Feature, Dr Sunita Maheshwari opens up to the editors of Dais World about working with paediatric patients, the perceived glamour of a doctor’s life, easy availability of medical information in the internet, and dealing with COVID as a physician and a medical entrepreneur.

Dr Sunita also talks about how RxDx began planning remote home care services for COVID patients in Karnataka even before the government allowed the option.

Home Isolation Package

Article: Goddesses in White Coats or Women with Superpowers? A Candid Conversation with India’s Best Doctors

Platform: Dais World Editorial and News feed

Dr Maheshwari is a Senior Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, Chief Dreamer & Loop Closer – Telerad Group and a member of Karnataka Vision Group for Healthcare, Research and Innovation.

A quality healthcare for 200,000 painters and their families

8th Oct | 2020

Reputed paint manufacturer AkzoNobel India has partnered with Telerad Foundation to extend quality healthcare to 200,000 painters and their families. The telehealth based Aarogya Sakha is a free specialist doctor consultation service to support painters and their families with access to medical specialists from Bengaluru’s premium RxDx Healthcare chain. The service of online specialist doctors is currently available in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka.

Millennium Post article featured RxDx as a key player in the Telehealth field

19th Sept | 2020

Telehealth bridges the demand-supply gap between patients and qualified practitioners. It also helps extend the healthcare services to remote locations to meet the unmet healthcare needs of a vast population. Millennium Post, in its recent article, has featured RxDx as one of the telemedicine service providers making their mark in the field of modern technology-rich healthcare scenario.

“On average, RxDx is conducting around 3,000 tele-consults per month globally. Over 70 plus COVID-19 patients are under active remote monitoring,” said Dr Sunita Maheshwari, senior consultant pediatric cardiologist and the Chief Dreamer and Loop closer of RxDx Healthcare, a part of the Telerad Group of companies.

The Millenium Post article reflects older data.

RxDx has taken care of 350 + COVID patients in home isolation, 250 + have already discharged so far.

Spotlight on COVID Home Care Packages by RxDx across Multiple News Outlets

2nd Aug | 2020

COVID Care @ Home package from RxDx availed by over 100 patients in home isolation across different states in India, has received an overwhelming response. Patients have particularly appreciated the dedicated care team’s humane touch and efficient services.

The innovative and affordable health care plan for COVID patients in isolation includes well planned and regular doctor consultation, vitals monitoring, physio, nutritionist, and mental health counselling, according to the duration of the package services chosen.

Not only does a growing number enquire about the services daily, but our services have expanded into many more ways of catering to the community.
RxDx now runs onsite SARS-CoV-2 testing camps, manages COVID Care Centres for Residential complexes, offices, factories, etc. and provides ambulance support for the corona patients requiring emergency medical support or hospital transfer.

A number of media have reported on RxDx.

Home Isolation Package by RxDx featured in Media

The Times of India takes note of Home Isolation support services from RxDx, Bengaluru.

Karnataka’s spiralling COVID cases have stirred up communities living in apartment complexes to look for remotely monitored home isolation.

Each patient is medically assessed by RxDx physicians before enrolling them under the home care programme.

RxDx ensures contactless delivery of package equipment, necessary medicines, and other supplies at the patient’s doorstep. All deliveries are limited to Bengaluru. All virtual and online services are available globally.

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RxDx Home Isolation COVID Care Packages feature in the New Indian Express

The fast spreading Coronavirus Pandemic has set up a tough challenge for the health care fraternity. The patient count is way higher than available beds in hospitals with necessary protocols in place.

Responding to the need of the hour, private hospitals and clinics have come up with a variety of models for home isolation packages aiming to provide health monitoring and doctor consultations through digitized methods.

• Teleconsultation with doctors and specialists
• Remote vitals monitoring and supervision by nurses
• Contactless delivery of medical supplies

Above-mentioned are a few necessary services arranged by RxDx Multispeciality clinics, Bengaluru.

RxDx focuses solely on COVID positive cases with mild or no symptoms adhering to the Karnataka government guidelines, and each patient is medically assessed by RxDx physicians before onboarding.

New Indian Express has published an article compiling a list of hospitals and clinics who are providing with Home Isolation Packages for COVID positive patients in Karnataka.

Click here to know more about RxDx Home Isolation Packages, eligibility criteria, and onboarding process.

Click here to read it…   Read More


COVID drives Telemedicine Growth

“India becomes latest country to legalize telemedicine as COVID-19 stretches hospital resources”.

Medium, the online publishing platform, features an article “The doctor is ready to see you now — on a screen near you” by Pinduoduo Inc. group, where Dr Sunita Maheshwari shares her thoughts on the “better late than never” realization of benefits of online consultations as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Sunita Maheshwari is a Senior Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, Chief Dreamer & Loop Closer – Telerad Group & also Foundation serving rural Bengaluru with remote healthcare; also, a Karnataka Vision Group for Healthcare, Research and Innovation member.

The article also features Dr Chhavi Mehra, Quality Head @ RxDx, Physician and Internal Medicine Specialist, on an online consultation video call with a rural woman from India.
A snap shot shows Dr Vijaya Vathsa, Physician and Internal Medicine Specialist @ RxDx, on a Teleconsultation call.
Click here to read it…   Read More


Dr Sunita Maheshwari features as a FLAG BEARER

We are proud.
Dr Sunita Maheshwari, monikered as “The Right Dose”, featured as one of the “Flag Bearers” from “The New Class of Disruptive Women Leaders Who Are Breaking Barriers and Redefining the Future”.

The article on Business World Online Magazine featured Dr Maheshwari’s incredible achievements and her company Teleradiology Solutions (TRS) co-founded with her equally accomplished husband Dr Arjun Kalyanpur. TRS group of companies bring health care solution across the globe through technology and reach beyond geographical boundaries be it an ultra-modern city, a mountain village, or some remote town in a desert land. The article celebrated Dr Maheshwari’s multiple awards and concluded how inspiring her life story and achievements have been, truly.

Dr Sunita Maheshwari is a Senior Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, Chief Dreamer & Loop Closer, Co-founder of Telerad Group including the Telerad Foundation established to serve rural Bengaluru with remote healthcare. Dr Maheshwari is also a Member of the Karnataka Vision Group for Healthcare, Research and Innovation.
Click here to read it…   Read More


Marathon sees runners from across India- The Deccan Herald

We are proud to share that an article “Marathon sees runners from across India” featured in Deccan Herald, appreciated the healthcare services provided by RxDx Multispeciality Clinic during the 7th Edition Thump! Celebration Bengaluru Marathon 2019 held on Dec 1, 2019 at NICE Road, Bengaluru.

It was a very successful event with close to 5000 participants. RxDx created an exclusive recovery zone with physiotherapy services for runners to stretch and recover during and after the run. Click here to read it…   Read More

Ready For the Long Run – The Week Magazine

We are proud to share that an interesting write-up featuring our very own Dr Gurmeet Bhalla, Pediatrician at RxDx clinic was published in The Week-Health magazine (Nov 2019 edition) under the title “The Wings of Desire”. It covered how doctors across India pursue their passions while managing their professional commitments, Being a professional marathon runner, Dr Gurmeet shared her experiences and the benefits of running. Click here to read it…   Read More

The “Sweet” effect of running – Finisher Magazine

We are proud to share that an interesting article written by Dr Gurmeet Bhalla, Pediatrician at RxDx Whitefield was published online by Finisher Magazine. Being a professional Marathon runner, she emphasized on health benefits of running especially if you have diabetes. Click here to read it…   Read More

Expert speak: Adults need vaccinations too – The HealthSite

It is not true that adults need just Flu vaccine. The DPT vaccine is recommended for pregnant women and for all adults who have not taken it previously. Similarly, Tetanus vaccine is recommended once every 10 years. The HPV vaccine should be taken by women of age 26 years or younger and men of age 21 years or younger. The Chicken Pox vaccine is recommended for all adults who never had chicken pox or never received chicken pox vaccination during childhood.

Dr Belliappa has busted some common myths regarding adult vaccination. A must read..   Read More

How to Read Food Labels-

If you have eaten packaged food without reading and understanding the nutrition facts label on the packet, then you need to be worried. Reading and understanding food labels is very important to differentiate healthy from unhealthy options in packaged foods. Although the consumption of packaged and processed food is not considered healthy, understanding nutrition facts labels can help you choose healthier options, says Ratika Vinchurkar, Dietician at RXDX. Read More

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari: Doctor-Entrepreneur On Parenting – Parentcircle

Meet Pediatric Cardiologist-turned-pioneering healthcare entrepreneur Sunita Maheshwari. We talk to her about medicine, technology and most importantly parenting.
Taking healthcare to remote corners of the world is her dream. Sunita provides teleradiology services through her company to hospitals around the world, especially in under-developed countries, where radiologists are not available around the clock.

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RxDx and Telerad Foundation powers eAarogya Centre, a CSR project of Akzo Nobel in Bangalore (Rural)

The Inauguration of ‘RxDx eAarogya Centre’ was held in Hoskote 29th November 2018. AkzoNobel director Guha Rajasekar spoke on this occasion and stressed on improving the health status of the rural communities.

Speaking on the occasion Telerad Foundation and RxDx Clinic Founder, Dr. Sunita Maheshwari explained that since 2007 RxDx is giving to its patients affordable and quality services and now with the partnership with AkzoNobel it aims at providing low-cost services to the rural community.

Among those present on the occasion were AkzoNobel CSR head Parthasarathy, Mr.Ashwani Sinha, Global Business Head, Telerad Tech. Local School Principal Mahesh, Gram Panchayati ex-member Byregowda were present at the occasion.

This news article was covered in the Kannada daily ‘Samyuktha Karnataka’.


How AI is improving health care access – Dr Sunita Maheshwari and Dr Arjun Kalyanpur | TEDxJIPMER


Coverage: RxDx identifies women’s health as priority

“MLA Dr Ashwath Narayan inaugurates RxDx new clinic” The new multispecialty RxDx centre in Malleswaram, Bengaluru will provide a range of comprehensive healthcare services with a focus on geriatric and women’s primary health. The new facility was inaugurated by Dr Ashwath Narayan, MLA (Malleswaram constituency), in the presence of Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid. BioSpectrum

Grand Opening of RxDx Sports Medicine and Foot Clinic by Robin Uthappa

Several Newspapers including Andhra Jyothy, Samyukta Karnataka, Sakshi -Telugu Daily, Eenadu and Sanjevani covered this event in their columns.

BioSpectrum Sportskeeda


Coverage: Bengaluru’s growing appetite for health food

Sunita Maheshwari, co-founder of RxDx, a Bengaluru-based chain of primary care and sports medicine clinics, agrees. “In the cities, the focus on health has been prompted by an increasing awareness and availability of avenues for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. There is a gym, yoga studio or sports facility on every street in the city. While engaging in sports and fitness is important, nutrition and food plays an equally critical role.”

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Coverage: Dr Sunita Maheshwari: Doctor-Entrepreneur On Parenting

Meet paediatric cardiologist-turned-pioneering healthcare entrepreneur Sunita Maheswari. We talk to her about medicine, technology and most importantly parenting ….

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Coverage: Meet the 8 women who are revolutionising healthcare in India- 14th August, 2018

With technology at the forefront of most advancements in healthcare, Sunita Maheshwari realised early on that there was a need to disrupt the healthcare sector by using technology for diagnosis. The doctor-turned-entrepreneur ….
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Leadership From Failure

Coverage: [LeadershipFromFailure] Forever 21 at heart, Sunita Maheshwari believes failure is temporary, perseverance is permanent, 1st August 2018

In our new series Leadership From Failure, we highlight what entrepreneurs and leaders have learned from their mistakes and how they have used failure as a stepping stone to become leaders and role models. Today, we have Dr Sunita Maheshwari, Chief Dreamer and Loop Closer, Co-founder of Teleradiology Solutions, RXDX Clinics and Telerad Tech….

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Coverage: Using Technology to redefine Healthcare- 11th Jul, 2018

‘India Emerging’ has lately become India Submerging — particularly when it comes to healthcare. The woes and stress of daily living here have become legion — from garbage piles and poor sanitation, bacteria-laden water, pollution, long commutes due to…

Dr.  Sunita Maheshwari, Chief Dreamer, Teleradiology Solutions and RxDx Clinics  Read More

Media Coverage: Deccan Herald


Coverage: Role of neonatal BCG Vaccination in TB protection among children- 24th Mar, 2018

TB happens when a person with latent TB becomes sick. Some individuals become sick as soon as they get infected, before their immune system can fight back. In other cases, people don’t get sick initially but they fall sick when the immune system becomes weak. This can happen due to some other infections or immunocompromised conditions,” said Dr Sireesh, Consultant Pediatrician & Pediatric Endocrinologist, RxDx.   Read More

Media Coverage: ANI Business Standard News  Hindustan Times  LATEST LY  The Health Site


Coverage: 25 women entrepreneurs to draw inspiration from- 8th Mar, 2018

This doctor who is also an entrepreneur is passionate about telemedicine, having co-founded and is the Chief Dreamer at Teleradiology Solutions and RXDX multi speciality acute care clinics in Bengaluru, apart from incubating other startups in the telehealth space such as Healtheminds – a tele-counselling initiative and a trust fund People4people that has put up over 560 playgrounds for children in government schools in India. Her initiatives are disrupting the healthcare sector by using technology for diagnosis. Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, Chief Dreamer, Teleradiology Solutions (TRS) and RXDX speciality acute care clinics.  Read More


Coverage: Health Biz Insight- Nov, 2017

Most of the cities in south India serve as hub for information technology companies which call for greater access to tech initiatives that can help improve efficiencies for greater patient care for this overpopulated region. Dr.  Sunita Maheshwari, Chief Dreamer, Teleradiology Solutions and RxDx Clinics Know More

Coverage - Medicine to Entrepreneurship - Sunita Maheshwari

Coverage: Medicine to Entrepreneurship – How Dr Sunita Maheshwari Is Delivering Global Solutions: Mar, 2017

Working as a Paediatric cardiologist, training postgraduates across India via e-teaching, co-founding and scaling some exciting health care ventures and generally, enjoying this adventure called life.   Read More

Bangalore-Mirror-Coverage-of-Biogas-Plant-at-RxDx-Healthcare Coverage of our Biogas Plant

biogas plant bangalore mirror coverage - rxdx clinicsbiogas coverage - rxdx clinics POLYCLINIC TREATS YOU, AND GARBAGE This eco-friendly facility has a biogas plant, and a plan to use it well There is a polyclinic in the city where you can walk in, dump your food waste and when things work out, maybe even fill in your gas cylinders with biogas.

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It’s Digital Heroin -How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

We now know that those iPads, smartphones and Xboxes are a form of digital drug.

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drs-@-art a group painting show by doctors invitation

Drs @ Art – A group show of Paintings by Doctors inaugurated by Dr Sunita Maheshwari on 18th Feb 2017.

Drs @ Art – A group show of Paintings by Doctors inaugurated by Dr Sunita Maheshwari on 18th Feb 2017 6:00PM at venkatappa art gallery has been organised by Sameeksha Art, Research, Media. drs@Arts press coverage Dr.Sunita Maheshwari drs@art press coverage 2 drs@arts press coverage           Read More

After the Party, It's Time to Think Fitness Again

Coverage: Teleradiology Solutions: ‘After the Party, It’s Time to Think Fitness Again’: The Economic Times: 3 January 2017

It’s normal to slip on your exercise and diet regimen during a-job-begun-dr-sunitaholidays, and pushing yourself to return to your routine can be tough indeed. “One needs to get up early , take stock and make a plan for the year which involves planning the time for exercise each day and charting out a diet plan…..   Read More

Dr Sunita Maheshwari releasing this book at Wisdom Tree Books, Whitefield 31st December 2016

Dr Sunita Maheshwari releasing this book at Wisdom Tree Books, Whitefield 31st December 2016

The Head That Won’t Stand is a story of one month that author Kavita Chandran, a Singapore based business journalist spent reflecting, rediscovering and rekindling her spirit – and yes, learning yoga too.The book encapsulates her journey from day one to the end of a four-week intense training course at Mysore under yoga guru Bharath Shetty – but very early in the book, it becomes clear that this is not just a quintessential yoga journal, or a memoir, but has in fact, a much wider canvas.
Dr. Sunita Maheshwari at Lake Nona Impct Forum 2015

Dr. Sunita Maheswari joins the panel at Lake Nona Impact Forum – 2015

Dr. Sunita Maheswari joins the panel on ‘DRAWING A BLUEPRINT FOR INNOVATION CLUSTERS’ at Lake Nona Impact Forum – 2015. Orlando, Florida

Dr. Sunita Maheswari was one of the panelists in this amazing panel lead by Anil Menon, president of Cisco Systems, about developing health and innovation clusters in the 21st Century.Other esteemed panelists included Edward Yan Ming Zhu, CEO, Chic Group Global; Thomas Graham, MD, Chief Innovation Officer & Chair Holder, Cleveland Clinic; Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Dr. Sudarshan Ballal of Manipal Hospitals. Read More

Telerad RxDx accredited by NABH

NABH Accreditation for Telerad RxDx – Whitefield.

Telerad RxDx Multispecialty Healthcare Center, Whitefield announced the receipt of the coveted NABH Accreditation on 11th January 2015.  The accreditation from NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) comes as a true recognition of the patient centric, high quality care standards of Telerad RxDx. Read More

Dr. Gurmeet Bhalla

Extreme Fitness: In Conversation With A Marathon Addict

Paediatrician, mother, certified scuba diver, marathoner and traveller, Gurmeet Soni Bhalla. to , Jan – 2015  Paediatrician, mother, certified scuba diver, marathoner and traveller, Gurmeet Soni Bhalla has always been a fitness enthusiast and she is that woman the world keeps referring to as ‘super-woman’ for balancing her varied roles and adventures in her day to day life. Read More

Cardiology Today

Telecardiology – A Solution whose time has come

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, Praveen Kumar K & Srikrishna Seshadri – to Cardiology Today, March – April 2014  India faces a big challenge of shortage in trained healthcare personnel at all levels, especially in the rural areas. There is shortage of adequately trained specialists, technicians, and nurses for cardiology to cater to noninvasive, invasive diagnosis and disease management and as a result mortality from CVD remains high. Download Here

Medicine woman - Dr. Sunita Maheshwari

Medicine woman – Dr. Sunita Maheshwari

Dressed in tracks and a tee, Dr Sunita Maheshwari hardly looks like a busy cardiologist”a renowned pediatric cardiologist trained at Yale University, US. Femina – Jun 2013 As a kid when I would go home on vacation to Googra, a village in Rajasthan, I used to observe the difficult lives of people living there. Now it’s a part of Ajmer, but when I was growing up, Googra was a village with no electricity and no water supply. There were several kids with polio. Even the adults looked very old, and died at a young age my uncles died of a heart attack in their 40s. I would constantly wonder if it could have been prevented, she says. That’s when she decided that she would become a village doctor. Read More

Technology and children - dr.sunita maheshwari

Technology and children

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari to Times of India – Jun 2013 Since, technology is so addictive, there is even something called the internet addiction syndrome. Children who spend a lot of time on laptops  or iPads are less inclined to go out and play outdoor games. Full Editorial – Technology and Children – Dr. Sunita Maheshwari. Download Here

Telemedicine goes 2G-Cisco’s new Healthpresence Focuses on Rural India”

Features Dr Sunita Maheshwari, founder of RxDx as Healthpresence user for remotely connecting with a low income village of Raichur, India West – Dec 2011

Sunita Maheshwari, a Bangalore-based pediatric cardiologist and founder of RxDx, which uses Healthpresence to connect with patients in the low-income district of Raichur in northern Karnataka, said Cisco’s product works very well in telemedicine. We were skeptical at first, wondering will rural India’s villages accept such technology. But they’re really thrilled because they have a doctor out there for the first time, the Indian American Maheshwari, who was trained at Yale, told India-West.
More to read  on telemedicine goes 2G-Cisco’s new Healthpresence focuses on rural India – Dr. Sunita Maheshwari. Download Here
Cisco HealthPresence Brings Advanced Telehealth Capabilities to Providers and Patients

Cisco mentions ‘Telerad RxDx’ as a Cisco Health Presence user in its global press release: – Nov 2011 Cisco Health Presence also helps medical professionals provide care to patients in hard-to-reach areas. Doctors at Telerad RxDx, a multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore, India, have been using Cisco Health Presence to provide medical care to patients living in Raichur, located in North Karnataka in India. Based on successful initial results, Telerad RxDx plans to increase deployment of Cisco’s telehealth services to continue to improve healthcare delivery in remote locations. Read More

Queen of Hearts - Dr. Sunita Maheshwari

Queen of hearts

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari – India Today – Jan 2010 The pulsing beat is enough to relax her. She taps her foot and then starts swinging to the music. “They call me the dancing doc,” she says with a laugh as she clicks her fingers and does a quick twirl. Read More

IT womens summit 2009 - Woman as Entrepreneur, Dr Sunita Maheshwari

Woman as Entrepreneur

Ms. Maheshwari talked about her unlikely role of going from Medicine to Entrepreneurship, saying that she believed in her project with all her heart and persisted at it. “If you see the future, plan for it. Even when the American Media was hounding us, talking about their anti-sourcing philosophy. Read More

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari & Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur

5 Ways to start a business:

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari & Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur to India Today

  • Follow your crazy dreams, never mind what the world says
  • Before you begin, see if you have the passion in you
  • It’s not a 9-5 day
  • There will be ups and downs, maybe more downs
  • Remember to treat your employees well

Full Editorial – Dr. Sunita Maheshwari to India today: Download Here

Healing the helpless - by dr sunita maheshwari to business india magazine

Healing the helpless : News

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari to Business India – Dec 2010 Telemedicine has been trumpeted as the great healthcare for rural India – a technology that can transform health statistics of remote areas. Telepathology, teleradiology and teleophthalmology are all ways of accurately diagnosing diseases from a distance. Healing The Helpless Full Editorial: Download Here