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We are passionate in our commitment to deliver excellent and patient focused health care service to you. Read about how we have changed our patients’ lives and how they appreciate our services, our facilities and our dynamic staff.
A very professional setup. Appointments are taken care properly and not much time is required. My treatment was done by Dr Ritu Parna Roy. She is such a nice person.  She took good amount of time to listen to all issues and then did a thorough examination and didn’t prescribe unnecessary medicines. Followup is also very easy. Nice staff & pharmacy.
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There are no words that I can use to show the amount of gratitude that I have for what you did for me, you have truly given me a second life. I am able to write this email due to timely action taken by Dr. Arun Noah in the RxDx-SAP Clinic while I had a severe chest pain on 28th Nov.  There was an excellent communication between the RxDx doctors and I was moved to Sakra world and the timely intervention by Dr. Deepak Krishna Murthy ensured a positive outcome.
Today I am back to work and would like to render my gratitude for the onerous and timely help provided to me.
Thank you all once again.
Shaik M Faizullah

I have been meaning to write and share my feedback. I’m extremely happy with Telerad and I come for my whole family as and when needed. I must place on record that you have some of the best doctors on board, whether it is for my father in Dr,Belliappa or for my son in Dr.Gurmeet Bhalla. I find these doctors genuinely honest in their professions and prescribing medicines only when required, especially when medicines is big business these days. Also, my 1 yr old son, ‘Renaud’ looks forward to the doc appointments only because the way she interacts with him and engaging in a manner, where every time we leave, he is smitten by her :-). They just amaze in handling people and patients. If there are very few in the world, who manage to work in the most suited profession for themselves, it definitely is them. Keep up the good work and I’m really glad that you are in Whitefield.

Swapna Nair

Dr. Purushottam Reddy is a very child friendly doctor. My daughter is under his care for the past 3 years. we have not had a single occasion for any concerns.
Ms. Ramya Ramani, Suggests our Doctor

Convenient access to the doctors, though the hospital is not hifi, it is very decent and comfortable. Simple and systematic procedures.

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We visited yesterday, the newly made Pedeatric wing on 3rd floor at RxDx, and I should say – it is amazing ! Wonderful..very nicely done. In fact, I was telling my wife, that seeing such a set-up the kids would want to come here more often..:) Dr.Purushottam Reddy attended my son, and the whole ambience and treatment of your staff was very courteous and encouraging. Kudos again ! I thought I should write down a small note to you… Regards

Manoj Kabre

I have visited orthodontists in and around Whitefield for my nephew’s treatment and the orthodontist in RxDx dental clinic was very professional.He very patiently explained about the treatment plan, duration of treatment and different types of braces which cleared all my doubts. now I feel much relaxed getting braces treatment done here. which or else was made to look like complicated treatment in other places. And more over the charges are 15-20% less compared to other clinics around. this is not only my opinion most of the residents here wanted a good dentist in this locality. nowadays we need not go 20 Kms in traffic to reach a decent dental clinic with good team of doctors.

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I liked the online records and SMS services from this hospital very much. Dr. Belliappa is very polite. He is giving extra information through paper handouts. They should continue with new initiatives because I remember that 6 months back they had similar service but was removed for some reason. Overall I rate it very good in terms of service, fairness, transparency and treatment.

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24 hours clinic. All the tests are done; Reports are given on the same day. Special mention is need for Dr. Bailliappa, he is very polite and very good in diagnosis.

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I liked the following 1. Cleanliness 2. Responsiveness 3. Timeliness 4. Outpatient procedures easy and properly guided. By far better than what I experienced in Manipal Hospital

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I wanted to share a really great experience I’ve had with Telerad RxDx working with Dr. Ratika Vinuchurkar who’s the dietitian at the Whitefield location.  I initially visited the office at RMZ EcoWorld in Bellandur for a physical checkup and had a conversation with Dr. Ratika over a Skype session as part of the physical checkup package.  When I explained to her that I needed help with weight loss, that went above and beyond the high-level guidelines that are usually given out to patients like me – she advised me to make an appointment to see her in person.  I visited Dr. Ratika and along with my wife and she gave us a very patient hearing.  She took the time to understand my lifestyle, my previous attempts at weight loss and was able to empathize with the challenge I was facing. 

She then gave me a prescriptive diet each week for a period of 5 weeks, keeping in mind that I was vegetarian etc.  The diets had enough variation in them not to be monotonous but were carefully calibrated to control my calorific intake.  She also had recommendations for workouts which I am able to execute with the help of a personal trainer 3 times a week.

Overall, the results have been very satisfying.  In 3 months, I have lost 9kg which doesn’t seem to be a dramatic loss, but I have been through diets which have given me dramatic results in the past only to see dramatic gains come back once I deviate even slightly from them.  I am confident this time that I am losing weight the healthy way and in a way, I can sustain over the long term.

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Ratika for anyone who is interested in fixing their eating habits and getting fitness and weight under control the right way. 

Anand Prahlad, Suggests our Doctor

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