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Is Rice Really Unhealthy For you



In spite of its consumption from the time of birth to death and use in various traditions and customs in India, its one of the most blamed food in today’s health industry. Its benefits range from the basic source of energy to digestive & cardiovascular health till prevention of aging. It is non-allergic in nature, gluten free and high on protein digestibility score. Some myths and facts about rice are

1. Myth : Rice is starchy.

      Fact : Less than 10 % starch remains in cooked rice. Starch is the source of energy, so we definitely need it.

2. Myth : Rice is high on glycaemic index.

      Fact : It is traditionally eaten with dal/sabzi/meat/dahi, along with ghee which lowers the GI of meals.

3. Myth : Rice is carb, so avoid in the night.

      Fact : No food is just carb, or protein or fat. Rice is a blend of essential amino acid, vitamins & phytonutrients along with carbs. Lysine an essential    amino acid present in rice acts as a precursor for human growth hormone. HGH peaks at night & help with all important repairs and growth function of the body. So feeding rice in the night would allow this hormone to peak optimally.

4. Myth : Eat brown rice, not white.

      Fact : Eating hand pounded or single polished rice which is white in color, but still contains optimum amount of fiber and other nutrients.

5. Myth : Too much of rice is bad.

      Fact : Too much of anything is bad. So eat rice and listen to your stomach signaling the satiety.

6. Myth :De starch the rice for consumption.

      Fact : Removing the water not only removes starch (essential component) but also anti-aging nutrients. And even if you remove it from rice, it should be used in other forms to get the benefits.

Some other benefits of rice –

  • promotes the growth of probiotic bacteria, eases bowel movement.
  • Has inositol which has fat burning , anti-anxiety, irritability reducing properties.
  • Good source of methionine ,which is required to break down fat in your liver.
  • Being low in sodium , it is considered healthy for people with hypertension.
  • Fat-free, cholesterol-free.

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About the Author…

Ratika Vinchurkar is a Clinical and Lifestyle dietitian, currently practicing at RxDx. Experienced in treating nutritionally all kinds of degenerative and lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid Disorders, Cardiovascular disorders, renal disorders and other chronic diseases; Her practical approach towards the lifestyle diet modification rather than just prescribing strict regimens endear her to her patients. She holds a master’s degree in Food and Nutrition and favors the theory of “you are what you eat”.