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Alzheimer’s-related changes in personality and behaviour cannot be stopped but taking care of a few small things and doing a few lifestyle changes can help the caregivers to cope-up with the changes.

1)   Keep conversation simple and say one thing at a time.
2)   Avoid arguments with the person.
3)   Do not show anger or frustration with the person.
4)   Make them develop the habit of carrying mobiles with them and feed the important numbers on the speed dial so that they can call you at the time of emergency.
5)   Always keep the keys, wallets, phones and other valuables at a fixed place to avoid the hassle of losing and searching for them.
6)   Fix up a daily routine
7)   Try involving the person into different activities such as singing, dancing, etc
8)  Include activities such as a daily walk in the schedule which can help improve their mood and maintain the health of joints, muscles and the heart.Alzheimer-care
9) Ensure their shoes and slippers are comfortable and provide good traction
10)  Make sure the medications are taken as prescribed
11)  People with Alzheimer’s may forget to eat, lose interest in preparing meals or not eat a healthy combination of foods. Plan their diet chart properly to ensure a balanced diet.
12)  Reassure the person that he/she is safe with you and you are there to help

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