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Internal Medicine

What is Internal Medicine?
Internal medicine or general medicine is a medical specialty which deals with the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of diseases pertaining to all the systems of the body.
Who are Internal Medicine Doctors?

Doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and medical treatment of different diseases in adults are called Internal medicine doctors or internists. They provide long-term, comprehensive care and can manage both common and complex diseases. Internist may work as a primary care physician or as a consultant to other specialists.

To become an internal medicine specialist, a graduate of a four-year medical school (MBBS) must complete a residency (Post-graduation) in internal medicine, which usually takes three years. In India, Internists are also called MD General Medicine Doctors.

Internists usually act as personal physicians and develop long-term relationship with their patients. They examine, diagnose, treat acute illnesses (e.g., infections, influenza) and chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure). They also integrate disease prevention and mental health issues (including substance abuse) into the care they provide. They prescribe medications, immunizations, and treatments

When do I consult an Internal medicine doctor?

If you have any medical condition like diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol, or any common illness like the flu, diarrhea, vomiting, any mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, or even aches and pains that you can’t figure out, an internal medicine specialist should be your first point contact. After your examination, if your internist feels you need a subspecialist, he/she may refer you and coordinate with the specialist, ensuring that you understand the diagnosis and treatment plan.

How is RxDx Different?

RxDx was set up with a vision to provide pre-hospital care to communities. The Family Doctor (GP, general physician) is the core of RxDx and it has a physician led and driven primary care model. The GP’s are supported by diagnostic services, physiotherapy, pharmacy and specialists. Therefore, it is a one stop health care solution for outpatients. This model successfully fits between single doctor clinics and big hospitals.

At RxDx we believe that most medical illnesses can be handled without hospital admission. And only if ICU care or surgery is needed, we refer to a hospital for admission. We provide a comprehensive primary care service in an outpatient setting, for a broad range of health conditions.

If you are suffering from some health issues and want to consult an internal medicine specialist, call and book an appointment at RxDx Multispecialty Healthcare Center! Please call 08049261111

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