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Nutrition: What is it?

Nutrition is a branch of science which deals with nutrient interaction and other substances in food and its impact on growth, development, overall health and disease. Your health gets affected by the food choices you make. A healthy lifestyle requires proper eating habits along with appropriate nutrition. Usually, people get confused with eating less and eating right. Balance is always the key. One needs all the nutrients in the right proportion to have a healthier and stronger body.

Who are nutritionists?

Nutrition department is headed by a nutritionist/dietitian holding a bachelor or master’s degree in nutrition. They translate the science of food to enhance the quality of life. Nutritionists are the specialists who can evaluate your lifestyle and eating habits and can further offer customized modifications for better health. Based on your requirements they create diet plans and guidelines for preventive as well as therapeutic conditions.

Services offered
  • Diet in Hypertension
  • Diet in Cardiac disorders
  • Diet in Hyperlipidemia
  • Diet in Diabetes
  • Diet in Renal disorders
  • Diet in Hyperuricemia
  • Diet in Hormonal Imbalance like Hypothyroidism and PCOD
  • Diet in liver disorders
  • Diet post Surgery
  • Diet for healthy skin & hair
  • Diet in infancy & childhood
  • Diet in Pre & Post pregnancy
  • Diet in Lactation
  • Diet in Digestive disorders
  • Diet in Weight management
  • Diet in Geriatrics
  • Customized Nutrition and Lifestyle Change Interventions (via face to face consultations/teleconsultations)
  • Disease-Specific Education Materials and Management solutions
  • Nutrition and Health Risk Assessment
  • Weight reduction plan
How is RxDx different?

At RxDx, our nutritionist works with the patient as well as his doctor to build a holistic plan. We offer face to face customized planning as well as telemedicine nutrition counseling. Since the nutritionist is based in a clinic setting we have the advantage of value-added tests that can be done such as BCA (Body composition analyzer), noninvasive bone densitometer, lab tests if needed and doctor consultation for medical input as required. Based on the nutritionist’s recommendation we also have qualified physiotherapists and trainers who can work on a holistic weight reduction package. We, therefore, are a non-hospital based one stop shop for your nutrition assessment and way planning.

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