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Psychology & Family Counselling

Psychology and Family Counselling

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. It is a multifaceted discipline and includes the study of many sub-categories such as human development, health, clinical, social behaviour and cognitive processes. It includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought.

A professional practitioner or researcher in this field is called a psychologist and can be classified as a behavioural, social or cognitive scientist. They understand and evaluate the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior while also exploring the biological and physiological processes that underlie behaviours and cognitive functions.

Psychologists observe and evaluate behaviour and mental responses, including perception, attention, reaction, cognition, intelligence, motivation, brain functioning, and personality. This also includes communication between people like interpersonal relationships, including psychological pliability, family resilience, and other areas.

What is a Psychologist?
A psychologist is an Allied Health professional who has expertise in the treatment of mental health issues and human behaviour. The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that a psychologist primarily aids the depressed patient by counselling and psychotherapy. A psychiatrist may also perform psychotherapy; but, also, can prescribe medications. A psychologist identifies normal and abnormal mental conditions, cognitive, perceptual, emotional, and social processes and behaviour by experimenting, observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals interact with one another and with their environments. Psychologists seek to understand and explain people’s feelings, thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Depending on the condition, psychologists use different techniques such as observation, assessment, and experimentation to develop theories about the thoughts and feelings that can influence a person’s actions. Psychologists often collect information and assess behaviour through laboratory experiments, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. They also may provide personality, aptitude, performance or intelligence tests. They try to identify patterns of behaviour or cause-and-effect relation between events and use this information while testing theories or treating patients.
A psychologist typically does the following things:
  • Collect information through observations, questions, tests, surveys and other methods
  • Find patterns in behaviour that may help understand and predict behaviour
  • Use their knowledge and expertise to increase understanding among people
  • Develop programs that help improving the environment at schools and workplaces by addressing psychological problems
  • Work with individuals, couples, and families to help them in making desired changes to their behaviours
  • Identify, evaluate and diagnose behavioural, mental or emotional disorders
  • Coordinate with doctors or social workers to help treat patients
What is Family Counselling?

Family counselling is a type of psychological therapy (psychotherapy) that helps family members improve understanding communication and resolve clashes. It is done by a psychologist or a clinical social worker. These therapists have special training and knowledge in providing family therapy.

Family counselling is usually a short term therapy. It includes all family members or just those who are willing to participate. The strategy of therapy depends on specific family situations. Family counselling can teach you skills to improve family connections and easily get through stressful times, even after your sessions are over. It improves the bonding and understanding between the family members.

A psychologist or a family counsellor can help families cope with issues like:

  • Family conflicts
  • Culture shock
  • Intergenerational differences
  • Separation or divorce
  • Financial issues
  • Depression
  • Addiction/ Alcoholism
  • Domestic abuse
  • Family violence
Why should I go for Family Counselling?
Family counselling helps in improving troubled relationships with your spouse, children or other family members. You may address and resolve specific issues such as marital issues, financial problems, clashes between children and parents, or the effect of drug addiction, alcoholism or any mental illness on the entire family. You can opt for family therapy along with other types of psychological treatment, especially if one of the family members has a mental illness that also requires additional therapy or rehabilitation. For example: Family counselling can help family members cope and adjust if one member has a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, however that member should continue with his or her specific treatment plan, which may include one-on-one therapy, medications or other treatment. Family counselling can be beneficial in any family situation that causes grief, stress, anxiety, anger or conflict. It can help family members understand each other better and learn coping skills to improve their relationships.
Why should I go to RxDx for consulting a psychologist or for family counselling?
At RxDx doctors and allied health professionals work as a team. You may visit RxDx to consult your family physician, GP, pediatrician or gynecologist, but depending on your condition, your doctor may refer you to other specialities like psychologist or physiotherapist. Psychological issues are very common, but they are also ignored the most. Most people are unable to identify it and approach the right doctor/ therapist for it. Doctors at RxDx can help you identify such issues and guide you for psychological or family counselling. If you or your loved one is having any mental health issue that is disturbing your daily or family life, call RxDx and take an appointment with our highly experienced Psychologists, who can suggest you customized treatment plans.

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