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Side effects after vaccinations:

Side effects (may) vary according to the vaccine (give. However some of the common) side effects may include:

1. Pain, redness, tenderness or swelling at injection site
2. Fatigue
3. Headache
4. Itching at injection site
5. Nausea
6. Dizziness or fainting (most common in adolescents)
7. Fever
8. Mild rash

Parents should watch out for any unusual ( responses ) such as a high fever, (weakness in the limbs,acute lethargy ) behaviour changes (like aggression ). Signs of a serious allergic reaction can include difficulty breathing, hoarseness or wheezing, hives, paleness, weakness, a fast heartbeat. Contact your doctor in case you notice any of these reactions.

See your child’s doctor right away if your child has a fever and:

1. Looks very ill, is unusually drowsy, or is very fussy (has not passed urine for 24hours)
2. Has symptoms, such as severe sore throat, severe ear pain, an unexplained rash, or repeated vomiting or diarrhea
3. Has had a seizure
4. Is younger than ( 4 months 16 weeks) and has a temperature of 100.4°F or higher
5. Fever rises above 104°F repeatedly for a child of any age.
6. Is breathless or is having laboured breathing.
7. Severe Headache with fever and vomiting


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