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Sports-Specific High Performance Assessment

Comprehensive fitness analysis of an athlete to match the needs of the respective sport is a necessary step towards ensuring high-performance.

Those participating in endurance games like triathletes have a different requirement compared to power based sports like football. The results from a performance analysis is used to attune a player’s training and conditioning programme according to the specific sport-type.

Ideally, a sports performance assessment includes following parameters:

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Sports Medicine Services
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Health Risk Appraisal

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) to understand any existing health and lifestyle issues before initiating an exercise programme

Health History Questionnaire

Biometric measures, for example heart rate, blood pressure

Vitals & BMI

Anthropometrical Measures for example circumference, body fat

Static Postural Assessment

Movement screening

Overhead Squat Assessment

Single-leg Squat Assessment

Gait Analysis


Sit and Reach Test

Apley’s Scratch Test

Muscular Endurance

Push-up Test

Pull-up Test

Cardiorespiratory Fitness for example 12-minute Run Test, 300 Shuttle Run Test

Performance Assessments for Power, Speed, Agility, Quickness