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The Internet gives you a lot of information on vaccines but not all that you read is true. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether facts are falsified deliberately or due to lack of knowledge. Below are the five most common myths that are believed by people without knowing the facts.


Myth 1: MMR vaccine causes Autismvaccination-baby

Fact: There is a widespread fear that MMR vaccines can cause Autism which originated from a study published by a British Surgeon in 1998. However, the paper was completely discredited due to serious procedural errors and ethical violation. Later many studies were conducted which showed no evidence or links between the vaccine and likelihood of developing Autism.

Though the clear cause of autism is yet to be identified, but studies have identified symptoms of Autism in kids well before administration of the Vaccine. Studies have also found evidence that Autism develops in Utero, that’s much before a baby is born or receives any vaccination.


Myth 2: Natural Immunity is better than vaccine acquired Immunity

Fact: In a case of a few conditions it is believed that the natural immunity results in stronger immunity. However, the dangers and the complications of this approach outweigh the benefits. But the fact is that getting exposed to any kind of infection, equally, increases your chances of developing further complications from the disease. Hence, it is always safer to get immunization done.

Myth 3: Flu Vaccine a big No No!! I am allergic to eggs

Fact: The quantities of egg protein present in the vaccines now are much lesser than in the earlier vaccines.  So most individuals with mild allergic reaction can safely get vaccinated appropriate for their health and age. However, it is a must to inform about the allergy to the doctor before taking the shot.

Myth 4: Vaccination is for kids

Fact: Vaccines such as Shingles vaccine is recommended for adults, especially post 60 years of age. Also, a vaccine for tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough needs a booster dose.vaccination-baby1

Myth 5: Vaccine has live viruses which can give you an infection.

Fact:  Most of the vaccines are made of viruses that are in their inactive state or in killed state. These viruses aren’t potent enough to give you any kind of infection.

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