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Stay FLU FREE this Season

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A Flu shot this season can help you beat some respiratory woes

Influenza vaccine can protect you from not just a nasty bout of Flu, but even reduce the risk of other respiratory illnesses and symptom severities.

Have you taken

Precaution against Flu this Season?

Annual flu Vaccination for everyone above 6 months is the best way to protect against flu. Get the latest Influenza Vaccine at RxDx. It is Globally Approved. Protects you from 4 Flu Viral Strains.


  1. If you have cold, cough or fever, you may have to wait to have the vaccine till you recover fully
  2. No need for fasting
  3. Safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers
  4. Individuals who are allergic to eggs are advised not to take this vaccine.

NOTE: Doctor Prescription is mandatory for Pediatric Vaccination