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Mental Well-Being in Everyday Life

The meaning of mental healthThe World Health Organization explains that mental health is a vital part of overall human health and so much beyond the absence of a mental disorder. Mental health refers to an individual’s cognitive, behavioural and emotional well-being...

5 Things You Need to Know to Prevent Suicidal Thoughts

#WSPD2020 – Working Together to Prevent SuicideIf anything in this article triggers any negative feeling or suicidal thoughts for you, please seek IMMEDIATE assistance from any suicide helpline or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.1. Understand what drives...

Stress at work & tips for managing it well

Stress is a biological response to challenge or demand that comes with any kind of change. Body or mind, either or both can react to a vast array of stimuli. We experience emotional or physical stress almost every day in our lives. Some have little effect while a few...

CODE “Non-Existent” – Why Medical Professionals Need a Mental Health Contingency Plan. FAST

Barely two months ago, I wrote an article mentioning a young lady from suburban Mumbai who had ended her life by jumping off the balcony. She left behind two children, no older than 6, who don’t yet know how to mourn and a husband in profound disbelief. Another precious life was lost last month in Bengaluru, almost the same way. I was told by those who knew them, that they were both fighting a pre-existing psychological condition. One more in Chennai just yesterday, sent a wave of commiseration and shock across the nation – the deceased this time was a medical student attending to COVID patients. This is but the tip of the iceberg. According to an article that appeared in The Print (April 2020), India’s COVID 19 lockdown has taken several hundred lives so far to death by suicide alone.




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