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Pulmonary Function Test

What is Pulmonary Function Test?

Pulmonary function test (PFT) is a test to evaluate how well your lungs work.

What does it show?
It helps to analyze how well individuals are able to breathe and how efficiently their lungs provide oxygen to the rest of their body.
Who needs it?
  • Individuals having symptoms of lung issues
  • Frequently exposed to harmful substances, dust, pollen, pollution in their workplace and environment
  • To review how well your lungs are working before you have surgery
Does it need any preparation?
Heavy meals, caffeinated foods or drinks, Smoking or exercise strenuously should be avoided before the test.
Who Does It?
Pulmonary Function Tests are typically performed by a respiratory therapist, trained nurses, and/or General Practioners. At RxDx, this test is also included as part of Preventive health checkups

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