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Dental X-Ray

What is Dental X-Ray? Why it is required?

Dental x-rays are a type of images of the mouth and teeth. X-rays are an arrangement of electromagnetic radiation, just like evident light. They are of complex energy, though, and can penetrate the body to form an image on film. Dental x-rays benefit diagnoses disease and injury of the teeth and gums.

Dental x-rays can divulge dental cavities (tooth decay) before they are visible even to the dentist. Many dentists will take multiple dental x-rays to catch the early development of cavities.

Images are vital for the proper diagnosis and treatment planning of dental, orthodontic and other oral-maxillofacial conditions. As technology advances, so has our capacity to secure more precise and anatomically truthful images that help the doctor treat you more efficiently. We do this at the economical possible radiation dosage – in fact, exposure is enticingly lesser than most medical imaging!

What after the Dentist prescribes?

After our dentist or dental specialist has advised that you need advance dental imaging, they will provide you with a referral slip for X-Ray. The referral slip is a prescription for the specific dental imaging procedures your dentist requires to offer an accurate diagnose.

Facilities Provided

RGV Dental Treatment

RGV stands for “Radiovisiography”, has the maximum resolution digital imaging sensor x-ray that gives image on the computer screen in less than 1 sec., which offer poised diagnosis and ultimately to the quality of patient care.

OPG Dental Treatment

An OPG which stands for ‘Orthopantomogram’, gives a extensive view of the mandible and teeth and provide a full mouth X-Ray.
These X-Rays will be taken with the protection of “Lead sheets” and Neck Collars” to avoid any damages to the body.

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