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RxDx SAMANVAY Sports Medicine and Sports Science Department is a team of multidisciplinary sports specialists qualified in medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition, and diagnostics.

Our deep understanding of the science behind the functioning of a sportsperson’s mind and body enables us to evaluate the fitness and performance of our clients and program the right prescription for training and treatment that can help them reach up to their full potential.

We work on injury prevention and management including rehabilitation, manage medical conditions in athletes like you, and prescribe and train exercises as per your needs. Our knowledge of biometrics, motor skills, physiology, and psychology and their applications help us support the champions on their way to glory.


Intense physical activity, performance pressure, and career stress require mental strength. Mind coaching can help your mind adapt faster.


Exercise and training need to be planned with a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of human body functions.


Regular measurement of vitals, hormonal levels, metabolic and other bio markers can help keep an eye on the progress of a person’s health and energy.

Motor Skills

Not just agility, but learning the techniques of accurate movements can reduce chances of injury, minimise energy usage, and increase speed.
Sports Medicine Services
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RxDx SAMANVAY Sports Medicine and Sports Science Department works with

Professional or recreational athletes of any age group and skill level preparing for a tournament or competition

Adults exercising for personal fitness or looking to maintain healthy lifestyle

Athletes or non-athletes seeking to regain full function from injuries

Athletes or non-athletes with disabilities seeking to improve mobility and capability

Children (school or college students) who are into competitive sports or physical activities like dancing, martial arts, etc

Sports arena, sports academies, sports federations

Amateur athletes seeking better result from their exercise program

We function with three primary goals in mind


Maximise performance & Endurance to help prepare for events and competitions


Minimise the risk of injury resulting from exercise, training, or sports and activities


Identify personal strength and weakness to customize evidence-based training program

This is how our team works

Assess the physical condition of a sportsperson or team

Prevent, diagnose, treat medical conditions associated with a sportsperson or individuals with high physical activity

Sports or physical activity related Injury prevention, recovery & rehabilitation

Improve athletic performance of professionals through evidence-based strength conditioning, nutrition, mind coaching

No matter how you have injured yourself, be it during your first Yoga session or while preparing for a Marathon or a Cricket Tournament
we can help you.



You can visit our Multidisciplinary Sports Medicine Department to consult
1. Sports Medicine Doctors
2. Orthopaedic Surgeons
3. Sports Physiotherapy
4. Sports Nutrition
5. Mind coaching

Medical Screening & Diagnostics

Our SportsMed Department has designed a unique pre-sport evaluation package to maximise the performance output and minimise the chances of injuries and other health issues.

Sports-Specific High-Performance Assessment

The results from performance analysis is used to attune a player’s training and conditioning programme according to the specific sport-type. We focus on parameters like Health Risk Factors, Movement, Flexibility, Muscular Endurance.

Our Specialized Services

Customized Orthotics

PRP injections

Gait analysis

Sports specific analysis

Strength and conditioning

Fitness and wellbeing assessment

Sports massage

Long term Athletic Development



Sports Medicine

Sports Orthopaedics


Sports Nutrition

Sports Physiotherapy

Mental Strengthening

Care Team

Dr Kiran Kumar Kulkarni

Dr Kiran Kumar Kulkarni

Consultant Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician

MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (DSM), Fellowship from Indian Association of Sports Medicine
Dr Pramod M

Dr Pramod M

Consultant Joint replacement Specialist

MBBS, MRCS, DNB(Ortho), Fellowship in Sports Sciences, Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery (USA)
Dr Chirag Thonse

Dr Chirag Thonse

Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Specialist

MS (Ortho), F. SICOT (Germany), Fellow Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine
Dr Sanjay Sharma

Dr Sanjay Sharma

Consultant Podiatrist

MS (General Surgery), (FAGE), FICA, FIPA
Mr Deckline Leitao

Mr Deckline Leitao

Fitness Coach & Sports Conditioning

BSc in Sport Science (South Africa), CSCS, NASM-PES, CES, CPT, PG Diploma in Sport (UK)
Mr Gowtham Kumar C (PT)

Mr Gowtham Kumar C (PT)

Sports Physiotherapist, RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswaram

BPT, MPT (Musculoskeletal injuries & Sports Physiotherapy)
Mr Nithin Krishna K (PT)

Mr Nithin Krishna K (PT)

Physiotherapist & Coordinator, RxDx, Whitefield

Ms Tanima Dhingra (PT)

Ms Tanima Dhingra (PT)

Sports Physiotherapist RxDx, Whitefield

BPT, MPT (Musculoskeletal Conditions)
Ms Rashmi Cherian

Ms Rashmi Cherian

Sports Nutritionist

Masters in Food Science & Nutrition
Mr Arjun Goutham

Mr Arjun Goutham

Mind Coach for Athletic performance

Career Diploma in Sports Psychology for Peak Performance (Ashworth College, US), Certified NLP Practitioner (US)

Partnerships and Associations


Was suffering from severe backpain due to strained muscles and vitamin deficiency. Started physiotherapy treatment under Physiotherapist Mr Nitin Haridas and Real time Ultrasound Lumbar stabilisation procedure under Dr Renu Dadiala, a new treatment for muscle strengthening, in RxDx hospital (Healthcare). Within 6 days of their treatment, the backpain was under control. Along with the treatment, they also provided physiotherapy along with gym and hydrotherapy under the able guidance of Physio Nitin Haridas, that helped strengthen my muscles. Nurse Pratima and Asha too helped me by their v (very) reassuring service. The staff are courteous and friendly. I highly recommend this hospital to people and the scant crowd also was a relief during COVID.

– Anupama Talgeri

Excellent Hospital. Underwent Surgical debridement of infected foot. Thanks to Dr Pradeep Chopra and RxDx nursing services, Aasha sister has been always smiling and with apt attention took care for the podiatric dressing. Ms Hina for supporting foot care and suggesting on right footwear and making the customization on the insoles. All the staff members right from security to reception to pharmacy have been courteous and ensuring social distancing and taking necessary precautions during this COVID time is appreciable which makes more comfortable for the patent. Well-coordinated care during lock down too. Dr Pradeep has been amazing, answering patently all questions and following up on call made me really comfortable overall. Thank you RxDx SAMANVAY.

– Rajesh Nagarajan