About RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswaram


The word “RxDx” comes from Rx which is a symbol meaning prescription. Dx is the medical abbreviation for diagnosis. Rxdx was set up with a vision to provide pre hospital care to communities. A neighbourhood clinic concept. The Family Doctor (GP, general physician) is at the core of Rxdx and it is a physician led and driven primary care + model. The GP’s are supported by diagnostics, physiotherapy, pharmacy and specialists as needed so it is a one stop health care solution for outpatients. This model sits in between single doctor practices and hospitals.

RxDx started from one clinic in Whitefield in 2007 and has since organically expanded across Bangalore in a hub and spoke fashion. Three spokes in east Bangalore at Kundanhalli, Kadagudi and Bellandur are supported by the main branch in Whitefield. In 2018, since the team at Vesoma was moving to CSE, RxDx, in partnership with Dr Vijeeta Dravid, created RxDx SAMANVAY and took over management of Vesoma. A new RxDx was born and medical services were added to the already existing fitness and physiotherapy services. A RxDx hub was thus created in Malleswaram.

Prevention and an early diagnosis can benefit patients immensely. RxDx started with local GP services and then expanded into other areas which help the local community. At RxDx SAMANVAY, RxDx aims to provide value added health care services such as health checkups, women’s care, geriatrics, a foot and sports clinic and home health care services which are areas where focus and multi-disciplinary medical professionals are needed. These areas are not typical focus areas of hospitals as they are not surgical or intervention based. However, they fill a niche community need. The pre-existing gym, swimming pool and hydrotherapy continues and new health care services have been added to create a community center for Malleswaram focusing on preventive and outpatient care.

RxDx is a healthcare organisation with a difference- a clinic with the  aim of improving health, preventing disease and providing early outpatient diagnosis with a friendly caring attitude. It is not a hospital driven by inpatients but a neighbourhood community clinic with a caring soul, focusing on areas of medicine that are most needed but also most neglected. Especially bringing back the importance of The Good Old Family Doctor in healthcare.

Ways to reach us:

WhatsApp Chat : +91 901 996 1402

Email : contact@rxdx.in

Malleswaram Direct Line: 740 663 7003

Central Call Line : +91 901 409 1111

Inauguration of 5th RxDx Multispecialty Clinic – RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswaram