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COVID-19 has posed an unprecedented challenge to the healthcare community in India.

The ever-evolving virus has a new variant Omicron which is on a rampage right now. It is spreading extremely fast. While a majority of the country has received their first dose, large chunks of the population are yet to get their second jab, let alone the precautionary dose.

COVID positives who have mild symptoms can be effectively managed in Home Isolation / Home Care under expert medical supervision.

RxDx Home Isolation Package

RxDx Healthcare has already provided home care services to over 2500 people during the previous waves of the pandemic, out of which only 2% were referred for hospitalisation.

Since 2021, children have been affected by the pandemic too. While COVAXIN is being administered in children above 15 years of age, there’s a long way to go. Moreover, those below 12 years continue to remain vulnerable to the different variants of SARS-Cov-2 infection.

Since quite a number of cases in children have come up, many have sought out RxDx’s affordable home isolation care packages for kids too.

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Update: Omicron | Clinical Guidance

Omicron, the latest Variant of Concern, is not only known for its widespread transmissibility, but also the chances of reinfections. Want to know more about this variant?

AIIMS – ICMR COVID-19 National Task Force / Joint Monitoring Group (Dte. GHS), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India released a Clinical Guidance for Management of Adult COVID-19 Patients to help us deal with the pandemic in a structured manner.

COVID Care at Home for Adults (Above 18 years)

In 7 and 10 Days Packages

Package Details

Doctor Consultation Online

(Pan India)

Remote Vitals Monitoring by Nurse

(Pan India)

Nutrition Consultation Online

(Pan India)

Mental Health Counselling Online

(Pan India)

Physiotherapy Session Online

(Pan India)

Package Details Doctor Consultation (Online) Remote Vitals Monitoring by nurse Nutrition Consultation (Online) Mental Health Counselling (Online) Physiotherapy Session (Online)
Total No. of Consultation(s)
Basic 7-Day Pack ₹ 3,500/- 3 7 1
Comprehensive 10-Day Pack ₹ 6,500/- 4 10 1 1 1

COVID Care at Home for Children (Upto 18 years)

In 7 and 10 Days Packages

Package Details

Paediatrician Consultation Online

(Pan India)

Remote Vitals Monitoring by Nurse

(Pan India)

Mental Health Counselling Online for Parents

(Pan India)

Package Details Paediatrician Consultation (Online) Remote Vitals Monitoring by Nurse Mental Health Counselling (Online)
Total No. of Consultation(s)
Basic 7-Day Pack ₹ 3,500/- 2 7
Comprehensive 10-Day Pack ₹ 6,500/- 3 10 1



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Multiple Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS)

Signs of inflammation across several organs (like lungs, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, skin or eyes) have been noticed in adult cases last year. It’s been described as Multiple Inflammatory Syndrome or MIS in short.
The cluster of symptoms in adults is categorised as MIS-A.

During the 2nd wave, MIS has been noticed in the paediatric COVID cases too, now called MIS-C.

Parents who are taking care of COVID positive kids or adult relatives, please remember to follow the safety measures strictly to protect yourself and other family members from disease transmission.

If you are wondering why the kids are getting affected at a higher rate this year, here are some points placed by experts. New mutant strain of virus, a lack of caution in households after a period of better days, increased exposure in vulnerable areas, and unavailability of vaccines for children are some of them. While kids in general still have lesser chance of exposure compared to adults who have to go out for supplies or work, the reported number of cases suggest it’s time we become more vigilant with our younger generation.

Adults are getting vaccinated at increasing rate since the beginning of this year but it hasn’t been enough to cover the entire country. We must continue to rake responsibility of our own safety and respect the effort our scientific and healthcare community has been making in this #FightAgainstCOVID.