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Fetal Echo Heart Center

Fetal Echo is a detailed scan of your baby’s heart.
Fetal Echo
Fetal Echo Heart Center Started at RxDx Pediatrics Clinic

What is Fetal echo?

Fetal Echo is a detailed scan of your baby’s heart.
It can help detect the fetal heart abnormalities, allowing for faster medical or surgical interventions if needed, as soon as the baby is born. During your routine check up between 18 weeks to 22 weeks of gestation your Obstetrician will take a good look at your baby’s heart and if she spots something which needs closer examination she will refer you for a Fetal Echocardiogram.

1) The test is done to

  • Check for holes in the heart
  • Narrowing of arteries
  • Valves that don’t open and close properly

Before you panic below are a few things that you should know

2) Your doctor may refer you for Fetal Echo if you

  • Have a family history of congenital heart disease
  • Have already had a baby with heart defects.
  • Have pre-existing medical conditions like Diabetes, or any viral infections.
  • If you are on any medication that increases the risk of heart problems e.g. epileptic drugs.

3) The test is not painful and does not harm the fetus. The duration of the test is approximately 30-45 minutes and needs no preparation like a full bladder. The test is better done after meals avoiding tea and coffee. A fetal medicine specialist, the fetal cardiologist will perform the test and will discuss the findings with you.
It is natural to feel alarmed if you are referred for a fetal echo, but it is best to find out any serious problems early, as most of them can be treated before birth. Minor defects like small hole usually won’t need any surgical interventions and may close over on its own.
To discover more about Fetal Echocardiography contact us.

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