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Consult your Doctor Online

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  • Follow up Visit
  • Get a second opinion

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Consult with your Doctor online in easy steps:

Option A

  1. Visit our website using your phone or PC
  2. Click Consult Online button
  3. Select Speciality
  4. Select Consult Now
    1. Receive call as per doctor availability and your choice
    2. Share health concerns by answering few quick questions through chat option
    3. Pay Doctor’s Fee online
    4. Speak with your doctor
    5. Receive your prescription

If you have already consulted with one of our doctors and seek follow up visit, use the process described above.



If, you have received a link from RxDx, you can go ahead as below:

  • Sign up using the link provided
  • Share your health concerns
  • Pay the consultation fee
  • Receive your digital prescription on SMS or WhatsApp

Option B

Call us
Our call centre executive will lead you through the process

Benefits of Telehealth

Talk to your Doctor from anywhere

Follow-up is so easy from home

Beat the traffic with online healthcare

Consult for New Disease

Chronic Ailment Monitoring

Prescription & Lab reports online

Take a Second Opinion

Post-hospitalization care

Meds Delivery, Sample collection

We are the best fit for your healthcare needs

NABH Accredited Multispeciality Healthcare Centre

Experienced in Telehealth Services across multiple states in India

Providing COVID Care @ Home & Post COVID Rehab Clinic
Catering to individual patients and Corporate tie-ups
Your trusted neighbourhood medical service partner for over a decade

Online Doctors and Specialities


General Medicine
Internal Medicine
Family Medicine

Chronic medical problems
Fever, headache, cold


Gynecology & Obstetrics
Women’s Health Issues

Infertility issues, Irregular periods


Specialist in Digestive Health

Stomach pain, Diarrhea


Child Specialist

Childhood health issues


Heart Specialist

Heart health
High blood pressure
Chest pains


Child Heart Specialist

Congenital heart disorders
Blood circulation


Specialist in renal disorders

Kidney problems


Lungs & Respiratory Medicine

Asthma, COPD
Breathing difficulties
Chronic Cough


Ear, Nose, & Throat Medicine

Ear pain
Cough and cold
Sore throat


Cancer Care Specialist

Cancer pain
Cancer surgery
Tumor malignancy


Eye Specialist

Eye pain & dryness
Eye infection


Skin & Hair specialist

Skin rash
Hair loss



Foot corn excision
Day care procedures


Dental or Oral Medicine

Tooth ache
Bleeding or paining gums
Bad breath


Nutrition counsellor

Weight loss
Chronic health issue
Athletic diet


Specialist in nervous system

Memory issues


Doctor specialized in Mental disorders

Bipolar disorder
Panic attack


Mental Health Counsellor

Learning disorders


Musculoskeletal system Specialist

Fracture, sprain
Joint aches
Back pain


Sports & Exercise Medicine

Gait analysis
Athletic fitness
Injury Rehabilitation


Foot and Ankle care

Foot injury
Ankle injury
Diabetic Foot

Patient Protection Measures

Digital Healthcare


same level of attention as clinic visits


your choice of place – home / workplace, where you can ensure your own absolute privacy


end to end encryption of your medical records

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a video or audio call with my doctor?

Video consultations with your doctor can be as satisfactory an experience as a clinic visit if you can make sure of certain factors. Laptop / Desktop / tablets/ smart phones, or even your regular phone for audio calls work best when you are sure they are functioning properly. It saves you some anxiety and confusion.
You will need

  1. Good internet connection to minimize interruptions. You can run a speed test before the call to check connectivity.
  2. Check audio and video functions on your electronic device. If you can make video calls using WhatsApp or use YouTube / Web Streaming services, your bandwidth can support mfine.
  3. Make sure the spot you have chosen for your doctor call is quiet and private if possible. Cutting down the noise can make certain your remote consultation becomes as good as a face to face experience.
  4. A good pair of headphones or earphones can make a difference.
  5. Check lighting near your spot. Ample lighting can help your doctor assess your condition from any physical exam that may be required. You can use flashlight or your phone light to pinpoint any rash etc.
  6. A good practice is to note down your symptoms, questions, and relevant history if possible.
  7. Have soft copies of your lab reports or medical records handy.
  8. Record your vital signs if you have the necessary equipment at home. Temperature, BP, heart rate, pulse oximeter reading, these things can be arranged from beforehand.
  9. Have someone around for assistance if you are too sick to manage alone, or need other support.
How does Teleconsultation at RxDx work?
  • Please make arrangements for the consultation before your appointment.
  • Receive the Doctor’s call as per your choice of medium.
  • Describe your symptoms the best you can.
  • Answer the questions your doctor asks, to the best of your knowledge.
  • If you have external signs or symptoms, your doctor may request to see, for example a rash or pigmentation.
  • Your doctor will advise lab investigations if a clear diagnosis is not possible from verbal discussion, just like a clinic visit.
  • Within 30 minutes, your prescription will be uploaded to the app / account. You will receive a link and notification via SMS.
  • Check your doctor’s observations & advice.
  • You can order medicines online through the link in your prescription right away or at your convenient time.
  • If your doctor has prescribed lab tests, you can either book a sample collection from home or walk into one of our branches anywhere in Bengaluru.
What if my call gets disconnected?
Rest assured; you will receive a call back from your doctor in case your audio/ video call gets disconnected in middle of the consultation. Also, you always have the option to reach out to the doctor via chat window.
Will I get a refund if doctor cancels the appointment?
If your doctor cancels the appointment, you can choose to consult another doctor or initiate a refund. If you wish to speak with another doctor, you can make your selection from the available list and proceed. If you opt for refund, you will receive the amount within 5-7 working days.
Will I get a refund if I cancel the appointment?
Yes. You can cancel the appointment if you wish to discontinue. Once the consultation is cancelled, you will receive the refund within 5-7 working days.
How much time do I get for each doctor consult?
There is no time limit defined for the consult. Duration of each session depends on the doctor’s discretion.
How do I share images of my medical record or symptoms?
Upload scanned copies of your lab report, previous prescriptions, or any other information you wish to share with your doctor in the chat window right before your consultation or in advance. You can share images of that rash or bump on your skin with your doctor in similar manner
Can a doctor make proper diagnosis for my condition from a video call?
Your doctor will ask about your medical history and symptoms in details, just like the clinic visit. If you have medical monitoring devices like thermometer, BP machine, glucometer, etc at home, your doctor may ask for the latest readings. Otherwise, they will suggest a clinic visit, depending on your health concern.

Your doctor will evaluate the condition and advise next course of action like treatment or lab investigation, lifestyle modifications, etc. while our video / audio quality are tested to our best effort, internet issues or other reasons may come in the way. If an image sharing of a particular rash or wart or some other visible sign or symptom is not possible and a physical investigation is absolutely necessary, your doctor will suggest so.

How safe is teleconsultation?
Remote consultation can be safe and secure provided both parties involved take certain measures. The patient’s health and record privacy are our prime responsibility. Doctors take a conclusive decision on your treatment course only after thorough and careful evaluation.
How does RxDx ensure privacy and confidentiality?
Our doctors provide you consultations over end-to-end encrypted platform that match the top industry standards. Every call the doctor makes to each patient is private and secure.
Will you record my conversation with the doctor?
We record our calls as part of our quality assurance protocol to maintain the best standards of our services. However, the recordings are only to be shared with authorities in medico-legal situations, only upon explicit request.
Is Teleconsultation legal in India?
The Medical Council of India (replaced by the National Medical commission on September 25, 2020) and NITI Aayog jointly compiled the Telemedicine guidelines on March 25, 2020 which legalized delivery of healthcare services via digital medium.
What are the limitations of consulting a doctor online? How does RxDx bridge those gaps?
  1. Guidelines suggest that online consultation isn’t the best choice in emergency situations and patients should be advised to visit a clinic or hospital.
    If you call us when in a situation that requires immediate medical action, our doctors can refer you to the best hospitals near you. They can also guide you through the basic necessary steps to prevent complications.
  2. RxDx has a dedicated team working the Telehealth services. The team undergoes training on a routine basis with regular updates. Besides the technical training on remote healthcare service, our team also handles the ultramodern tools of the trade.
  3. Our Telemedicine model suits your convenience. We do not assign doctors to you in random. You get to pick the right fit or simple select the doctor you know or have a reference.
  4. Some may feel a reduction in doctor-patient interaction. Our doctors ensure your experience mimics a clinic visit. The sole attention is on you and your health problems. So, there’s absolutely no need to worry. Just focus on understanding your condition and receiving treatment. Discuss your symptoms and concerns at length.
I am not tech-savvy. My age is above 60 and I don’t have anyone right here with me to help me out with these things. Can I not have to take calls through new apps?
You can opt for a WhatsApp or Skype call. Our doctors take special request from such patients and make video calls through WhatsApp and Skype if you can manage those, or help you out with audio calls.
I am old and not sure if I can give my details to the doctor properly. My relative / attendant / nurse takes care of me. Can they speak to the doctor on my behalf?
Yes, they can, and it is advisable to have someone near any patient to help with answering health questions and assistance for physical evaluation. The doctor will advise the best course of action to your representative.
How is online consultation useful during an emergency?
Emergency situations may be an accidental minor injury (for serious injury visit your nearest hospital without delay) or chest pains (again, for severe chest pain and numbness of limbs and other associated symptoms, visit hospital right away).

Sometimes, one is too far from the hospital or unable to travel, but can access a phone. Teleconsultation may possibly be the best option right then as a doctor can guide you through first aid, some life-saving actions, counselling, and referral. However, if possible, visit hospital as soon as possible.

How difficult is Teleconsultation?
A smartphone / laptop / desktop/ tablet / or any electronic device you can use to book your appointment and take a call, a pair of headphones or earphones, internet, these are all you need. A regular phone is enough for audio call.
Is my consultation data secured?

Yes, your consultation data is 100% secure. The patient’s history, health records and conversation history with the doctor can only be accessed by the patient and the doctor themselves. No other party can view or has access to this data. All the information collected from the patients is stored securely in our servers. We employ the best techniques in the data security field to ensure that this information remains secure.

Read our Privacy Policy for details.