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Temperature-controlled swimming pool at RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswaram
Swimming pools are great fun, but no one likes freezing cold water especially during rainy and winter seasons. If you are a swimming enthusiast and you are looking for a heated swimming pool, your search ends here. At RxDx SAMANVAY, Malleswaram, where we have a 20 meters long temperature controlled swimming pool. A temperature-controlled pool can offer you enjoyment all-round the year irrespective of the weather. It is very comfortable for use with many more benefits that may go unconsidered.
What are the benefits of swimming in a heated pool?

Swim all-round the year:

One of the main advantages of the temperature-controlled swimming pool is that it can be used all year long, even during winters. It also means that you can comfortably swim during any time of the day. You can go for a swim before the sun rises or long after sunset. This really helps you in planning and managing your daily schedule. You can choose your swimming time without disturbing your work schedule.

Good for bones and joints:

Swimming is an excellent form of workout for your entire body. An hour of swimming can burn almost as many calories as running, without causing any harm to your bones and joints. Moving through the water involves all the muscles of the body, without any negative impact on the joints.

The benefit of swimming in warm water has long been acknowledged. Warm water is not only soothing but it has many healing qualities, including relieving arthritic joint pain, increasing the blood flow and thereby relaxing the muscles, body and mind.

Reduces mental stress:

Swimming in warm water relaxes our mind, reduces stress of our daily lives and boosts our mental wellbeing. Focusing on movements and breathing, swimming in warm water helps us declutter our mind, without having to deal with the worry of cold water!

Improves cardiovascular health:

Swimming is not only good for your muscles and bones but it also makes your heart and lungs strong. It improves the blood circulation of entire body and increases the heart rate. Some studies have shown that swimming helps lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

Other facilities at RxDx Samanvay swimming pool:
  • Monthly and yearly swimming pool membership plans
  • No matter if you are a casual swimmer, regular swimmer or a learner; we have packages that suit all such categories.
    Batches available: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced (Separate batches for kids, men and women)
  • Professionally qualified and renowned coaches
  • Clean and hygienic changing and rest rooms with lockers
Swimming camp
During summers and monsoon, RxDx SAMANVAY runs special camps for different age groups. Every year hundreds of kids register for the camp and actively learn the basic nuances of swimming. At the end of the summer camp, a friendly swimming competition amongst the summer camp participants is also organized. Parents, family members, friends accompany their contestants to boost their confidence. Competition is followed by symposiums and talks on health aspects of swimming. The objective of such events is to educate the participants and members accompanying them about healthy and safe swimming and also understand about the unique nutritional needs of the swimmers.
Swimming Coaches at RxDx SAMANVAY

Ms Nisha Millet

She is one of the most recognized names in the swimming world with a career spanning over 15 years and more than 600 gold medals to her credit. Some of her accomplishments are:

  • Awards – Arjuna Award (2000), Rajyotsava Award (2001), Ekalavya Award (2002), Indo American Young achiever Award (2002)
  • Represented India at the World Swimming Championships (1998 & 2004), Asian Games (1998), South Asian Games (1999), Australian Nationals (2003 & 2004)
  • First Indian swimmer to qualify for the Olympics in 200 mtrs freestyle and represented India at the 2000 Sydney Olympics
  • Earned the Prime Ministers Award for “Best Sportswoman” of the National Games in 1997 & 1999

Mr Cherian Thomas

Coaching competitive swimmers- Intermediate and beginners of all age groups from past 19 yrs. Some of his achievements are:

  • Diploma in swimming from SAI (Sports Authority of India)
  • ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association)- Level 2 certification
  • MSc coaching from TN University of Physical education
  • National Masters Gold Medalist for 19 yrs and Asia Pacific Masters Games Gold Medalist 2018 at Penang, Malaysia
Swimming Pool
  • Qualified and Experienced Coach
  • Beginners, Intermediate, and advance coaching (children/adults)
  • Stroke Correction, weight loss, fitness

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