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Dengue fever: How serious is it?

There are 4 kinds of dengue viruses which can cause the infection. These viruses are spread by Aedes mosquitoes which thrive in and near human housings. When a mosquito bites a person who is suffering from dengue infection, the virus enters the mosquito. When this infected mosquito bites another person, the virus gets transferred to that person and leads to infection. Dengue does not spread directly from one person to another.

What should a new mother eat after childbirth?

Many women think that a good nutritional diet is only important during pregnancy and not after childbirth. However, a good balanced and nutrient-rich diet is equally important for a new mother to help her recover from the delivery and gain enough strength to be able to take care of the little one. After all, only a healthy mother can take the best care of herself and the newborn child.

Is this Allergy; Sneeze, Crease or Wheeze?

Allergy is a response of the body’s immune system towards a foreign substance which is usually not harmful to your body. The foreign substance is called allergen and may include pollen, dust mites, pet dander and certain foods. The allergic response can cause symptoms like itching, hives, sneezing, redness and difficulty breathing.

World Health Day 2019- Health for All

The World Health day is celebrated all around the world on 7th April every year under the aegis of World Health Organization (WHO) to draw the attention of people towards the importance of global health. This year’s World Health Day, on 7th April 2019, WHO is focusing on Universal Health Coverage.

Down’s Syndrome, Trisomy Twenty-onederful

Down’s syndrome is one of the most common genetic abnormalities seen in humans. It is found in about one per 1,000 babies born each year. In 2015, Down’s syndrome affected 5.4 million individuals globally and resulted in 27,000 deaths, down from 43,000 deaths in 1990.

With increased understanding, better support and improved facilities within the community the quality of life has increased in recent years for the person with Down’s syndrome. Although there can be great variability in the mental capability between individuals, but for those with apposite mental function, it is feasible to complete education, live and work independently.

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