Sleep Study

What is Sleep Study?
A sleep study is a non-invasive, overnight test that allows doctors to monitor you while you sleep to see what’s happening in your brain and body.
What does it show?
While you sleep, an EEG monitors your sleep stages and the cycles of REM (rapid eye moment) and nonREM or NREM sleep you go through during the night, to identify possible disruptions in the pattern of your sleep. The Sleep Study test also measures eye moments, the oxygen level in your blood, heart and breathing rates, snoring and body moments.
Who needs it?

Your doctor may suggest Sleep Study if he or she suspects you have:

  • Sleep apnea or another sleep-related breathing disorder – In this state, you’re breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep.
  • Periodic limb movement disorder – In this sleep disorder, you repeatedly flex and extend your legs while sleeping. This condition is from time to time allied with restless legs syndrome.

Narcolepsy – You experience irresistible daytime drowsiness and sudden need to sleep in this condition.
Insomnia – habitual inability to sleep.

Other nighttime behaviors like sleepwalking and REM sleep behavior disorder.

Does it need any preparation?
Alcohol and caffeine related drinks should be avoided during the afternoon and evening before sleep study.
Who Does It?
Sleep Study is evaluated first by a polysomnography technologist, who utilizes the data to plan your sleep stages and cycles. Then that data is reviewed by your physician/pulmonologist.
Where is it done?
Sleep Study typically is done within a hospital or at a sleep center. At RxDx we also offer for the test to be done at your home.

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