Sustainability and Wellness

Cultivating an atmosphere of abundance and wellness
As one of the leading healthcare facilities in Bangalore, we believe it is important 
to walk the talk and build our own reality. Right from the beginning, our goal has been
to provide an abundant, inclusive wellness center for communities of Bangalore. Apart 
from the state-of-the-art medical services we offer, we are also pushing the boundaries
through other processes and activities.

Creating healthy and safe spaces
We are the sum total of our experiences. This caveat runs deep in our approach. We
 constantly strive to make our facility and surroundings as non-invasive and healthy as 
Some of the steps taken to make this possible are,
•    All cleaning agents used in the facility are completely natural and non-toxic in nature
•    Low VOC paints are used for all NEW indoor paint needs and will be changed for all future needs.
•    Every new employee is given a stainless steel bottle, avoiding plastic leaching from the 
bottles during employee orientation.

Promoting healthy eating
As a leading healthcare system, we are always exploring new ways to up the health quotient of our 
patients,employees and physicians. Our in-house team of nutritionists plan meals that are wholesome
 yet sustainably sourced.
•    Predominantly vegetarian meals for a lower environmental footprint
•    Inclusion of locally (and sometimes organically) produced healthy food alternatives like millets
 and red rice  in meals
•    We are also introducing a weekly extra-healthy meal day - THURSDAY. This has  commenced from 
Nov 9th 2016.

Promoting self-sufficiency and resilience
Building resilience is key to wellness and sustenance. At RxDx, we focus on
building resilience for health, sustainability and wellness.
Sustainable facility
RxDx is one of Bangalore’s few healthcare facilities that are truly sustainable. 
Right from being nearly 100% zero waste to landfill, to reusing rainwater for drinking 
purposes, and bringing down energy need by 20%, we make sustainability thinking part of 
everything we do.

•    Energy
A reduction of 37% in overall  energy usage has been brought in since 2014, with introduction
of efficient alternatives and smart energy usage plans such as :

•    High-use light sources replaced with LED alternatives
•    Natural light usage maximised by reorganising the light usage pattern
•    All consultation rooms deployed with occupation sensors to reduce unnecessary light usage
•    The second phase is focused on laying out a template for future reference, for 
example,for LED replacements, ensuring that these practices will be easy to follow and 
continued in future ongoing process

•    Water
•    Better faucets and aerators, sensor based urinals are set up in the facility that reduces water 
consumption significantly.
•    A robust harvesting system is in place for storing rainwater. Today, the stored rainwater is 
put through an RO system to provide clean drinking water for the entire facility.

•    Waste
•    Segregation at source is  mandatorily practised across the facility
•    All the food waste and leaf litter from around the campus is composted on the terrace
•    A six-level dry waste segregation system is implemented
•    By implementing double sided printing, invoicing on used paper, software solutions and 
improving process efficiencies, nearly 70% reduction was seen in dry waste.
•    Waste generated from in-patient reports, billing and HR processes has been reduced drastically 
giving way for alternative processes.
•    Biomedical waste is handled responsibly at the facility
•    Similarly, RxDx has an eWaste collection platform, where patients, employee and visitors 
can drop their eWaste at the facility for recycling
•    No plastic bottles used in the facility
•    All patients are served water in paper cups and not plastic cups.

Creating self-sufficiency
A rooftop garden growing organic vegetables was setup, bringing free and good organic vegetables
 for the employees. This was maintained with the revenue generated from the recyclable dry waste, 
thereby creating a self-sufficient model. The produce from the garden was used in the preparation 
of meals at the cafeteria and was routinely distributed to employees to take home as well.
In recent times though, the enhanced graphite emissions from nearby factories have let to shutting
this amazing activity down. We are looking at ways to work around the problem and revive this soon.

Employee Engagement
A motivated team of self starters head the sustainability and wellness initiatives in the system. 
Forming the Green Team, they work across functions and have come together for a  common goal of
 bettering the facility with every opportunity. THey make sure change happens across departments 
and functions, whether it’s retrofitting existing fixtures, or analysing the possibilities of going
 paperless. Every year, they bring together various activities that educate and urge employees to
 take key decisions towards sustainability. There are activities planned throughout the year, to 
engage employees on growing sustainably. A Green employee of the month activity is being instituted 
at the moment. More details coming soon.

Commitment to Community

Responsible medical waste
At RxDx, we make sure not only our medical waste is handled responsibly, but also our 
community at large. As part of our medical waste program, over fifteen communities in and around
 our facility are supported with medical waste pickup facilities every quarter. We also have a 
collection center at our facility where patients, employees and people from the Whitefield community 
can drop their medical waste. If you live in and around Bangalore’s Whitefield area and want to know
 how your community can join the program, please write to/call You can always drop your medical waste
 at our facility and we will make sure it is handled responsibly.

Creating inclusive communities
Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, the Founder and Chief Dreamer of RxDx
is a woman on a mission to give every child a chance to enjoy their childhood. She is a 
doctor spreading smiles through her unique venture, People4people. Started in 2004 and 
based out of Bangalore, this is a trust fund that aims to make the world around it, especially
for children, a little happier. Till date, the program has installed more than 200 playgrounds 
for government schools in Karnataka, India.  These playgrounds are put up for use by children from 
poorer localities.
From there, the program has gone on to making children’s health a priority by supporting a free clinic
 at RxDx and working with children with heart diseases.
People4people runs on contributions from its trustees as well as benefactors. Since all the individuals
involved in running it are volunteers, its administrative costs are virtually zero and all funding received
 goes directly into its activities.