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Telerad RxDx has commitment to every client to give quality services to our clients. Our staffs are all experienced and skilled professionals. We are committed to all our clients and their families to provide quality care. Telerad RxDx understands all the challenges for caring for someone having health problems and we strive to provide the best care that we can.

Careers Position Available at Telerad RxDx:

Job Description Experience Location
1) Perform basic clinical nursing practices in accordance with scope of practice and standard as determined by RxDx. • Taking of specimens. • Sterilizing the instruments. • Monitor vital signs and observe reactions to medication and treatment. 2) Maintain accurate patients’ records and statistics. 3) Provide nursing care to Health Check patients. 4) Provide assistance to Doctors. 5) Educate patients on their health and required precautions to be taken (for certain cases). 6) Utilize equipment proficiently and promote its use and safekeeping. 7) Essentially, an appropriate (as per our mentioned guidelines) disposal of used equipments. 8) Maintaining the confidentiality of all information pertaining to patients. 9) Ensuring to be present all times at the designated area / work station. 10) Entering all the pending jobs of the day in the duty handover register and getting it signed by the person assuming duty in the next shift. 11) Keeping all the records for all house visits. 12) Constantly work on the ways to improve the quality of service. 13) Dealing with all queries from patients. 14) Ensures efficient and smooth flow of all clinic activities thru coordination and planning. 15) Assesses patient’s physical, psychosocial and/or emotional needs. 16) Informing physician of patient status. 17) Handling emergency cases / situations. 2+ YEARS Bangalore
Job Description Location Job Type
Looking for Consultant Pediatrician for RxDx Kadugodi Branch, Handling evening consultation. Kadugodi/Bangalore Part Time
Job Description Experience Location
  • Assessment and treatment of patient’s referred for physiotherapy from Orthopaedic consultants, GP’s and other health professionals in outpatient set- up.
  • Expertise in understanding and applying methodology to handle certain physical and mental problems of the patient/Technical skills.
  • Independently formulates and utilizes highly developed manual skills, applies relevant therapeutic exercise, manual therapy (including joint manipulative procedures) and electrotherapeutic modalities to treat patients..
  • Continuously evaluates effectiveness of therapies in relation to planned patient outcome and updates/re-aligns care plan based on progress.
  • Having personal qualities like tolerance, compassion, ability to work independently or in a team.
  • Good communication skills, patience and empathy.
  • Ability to encourage, reassure and persuade patients of the ultimate benefits of their treatment.
  • Ability to build up rapport with patients,  to maintain communication with their relatives as well as Rehabilitation Professionals like Occupational therapists, General Practitioners,  Nurses .
  • Ability to utilize the qualities like positive attitude, ability to instill confidence and courage in patients.
2-3 years in hospital/clinic handling ortho/neuro cases Bangalore
Job Description Experience Location
  • To dispense medicines as per prescription and bill them.
  • To give information to customer about the use of drugs. Stock checking.
  • To order stock, enter invoices and to maintain stock level – purchase bills entries
  • To ensure quality of stock with respect to temperature control, special storage, cleanliness and integrity of product. To store and preserve vaccine, serum and other drug in right manner so that they are not spoilt.
  • Arranging of stocks in order and labeling.
  • To achieve high quality of services in the pharmacy store. To maintain patient confidentiality and professional behavior. Corporate – Monthly indents and billing of corporate.
  • Medicines for departments – Indent issue of all departments in the clinic.
  • Coordinating with doctors in case of non availability of any medicines/for the alternate.
  • Cash handing over to the accounts.
  • Prepare cheque & vat details on monthly basis
  • Overall supervision of pharmacy operations

Scheduling of team members

5-6 years in hospital/clinic pharmacy Bangalore
Job Description Location Job Type
Looking for Consultant who can join our upcoming RxDx Clinic @ Miraya Rose. Bangalore Part/Full Time
Job Description Location Job Type
Looking for a general physician who can join our upcoming RxDx Clinic at Miraya Rose Bangalore Full/Part Time

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